Arkisys Teams with Fugro for their SpaceStar® Technology for Servicing

Unique Fugro Technology Allows for Dramatic Increase in Position Knowledge for Servicing Satellites

LOS ALAMITOS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2023 / — Arkisys, a forward-thinking provider of new space solutions for scaleable platforms and new space applications is proud to support Fugro’s unique SpaceStar® technology to expand into the new domain of space servicing. SpaceStar® provides an exceptional external validation of orbital position, enabling arriving spacecraft and Arkisys Ports to make safer approaches and dockings. Arkisys supports the transition of Fugro’s technology into this new domain to help foster a more open and safer environment for all servicers in the new space economy.

“Fugro’s SpaceStar® is a unique way to not just know where your spacecraft is from an external source but at a significantly increased accuracy to sub decimeter level,” said David Barnhart, chief executive officer at Arkisys. “Reducing risk is a key focus of Arkisys to enable the planned high tempo of arrivals and departures for our orbital Ports, that can extend to all other orbital platforms as well.”

The value of SpaceStar® is in its ability to provide an external metrology system independent of local servicers or clients sensors, and in its unprecedented potential to increase absolute knowledge of the position of both during any RPO maneuver. James Bartle, Fugro’s SpaceStar® Product Owner says, “This is a natural extension of our technical excellence in position information for platforms on land, sea, and now a new application in space.”

Both companies look forward to hardware tests to integrate SpaceStar® to Arkisys platforms for ground validation in the coming months.

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