Firepoint Energy Selects First Pennsylvania Site for Waste-Coal-to-Fuel Conversion, Rare Earth Element Recovery
Firepoint Energy Selects First Pennsylvania Site for Waste-Coal-to-Fuel Conversion, Rare Earth Element Recovery

Firepoint Energy

Waste Coal Piles containing rare earth elements

Firepoint Energy Inc, a Wyoming C-Corp startup announces the selection of its first Pennsylvania waste-coal-to-fuel and REE production site,

PUNXSUTAWNEY, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 5, 2024 / — Firepoint Energy Inc, a Wyoming C-Corp startup with principal offices opening in Pennsylvania and Texas, announces the selection of its first Pennsylvania waste-coal-to-fuel site, which will also be used for the recovery of rare earth minerals.

The eight million tons of waste coal at the Jefferson County location will be transformed into synthetic aviation fuel (SAF) using carbon-capture technology, while rare earth elements present in the waste coal will be simultaneously extracted from the ash and rock on the premises.

“The site in Jefferson County has the best percentages of rare earth minerals, aluminum, and lithium of the multiple sites we’ve tested since arriving in Pennsylvania,” explained Firepoint Energy CEO Bill Smith. “On top of the more than $3 billion worth of rare earth minerals and other metals at this location, we expect to produce 15.4 million gallons of clean jet fuel per year from the very same waste coal. We fully expect to produce revenues of at least $101 million in metals and minerals each year by extracting them using industrial hydrometallurgical processes.”

Another benefit to the waste-coal-to-fuel conversion process is the remediation of acid mine drainage (AMD). Any ash or stone remaining after the conversion will be stripped of minerals, metals, or other harmful elements that might be detrimental to waterways before it is returned to the work site.

“To our knowledge, this will be the first project in the country that converts what is technically a pile of toxic waste into clean-burning jet fuel, while also recovering critical minerals that are now considered a national defense priority,” added Smith.

There is also a separate 15-million-ton pile of waste coal adjacent to the first pile that Firepoint Energy may opt to process after the first pile has been eliminated. Firepoint Energy is also looking into the potential of processing coal ash at local power plants in order to extract the rare earth minerals, thereby reducing the amount of ash being hauled to landfills and other sites.

The development of Firepoint Energy facilities at the Jefferson County waste coal sites would invest $750 million into the region and create at least 100 well-paying jobs for residents in the surrounding areas. In conjunction with one of Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s campuses, the site would also include a training center and a sustainable energy center.

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About the Company:
Firepoint Energy is a newly founded startup seeking to capitalize on the rare earth elements located in Pennsylvania and other states with long traditions and histories in the commercial mining industry. The Firepoint Energy team has been involved in the plasma gasification industry for several years, and they now seek to use that technology and others to harvest the billions of dollars’ worth of rare earths elements presently lying unused on the ground. Simultaneous to this, they hope to create renewable energy sources as a byproduct of their rare earth recovery operations, while purifying the environment in the process. We have a long history of working with alternative energy technologies.

Firepoint Energy is also interested in developing project sites in any other states where the presence of REEs is detected

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