‘K-Battery Companies’ at the ‘Battery Nation’ Reveal Trends in the 2nd Battery and Charger Industry

View of the Samsung SDI booth. | Photo courtesy of AVING News

Polestar 2 displayed at the LG Energy Solution booth | Photo courtesy of AVING News

Polestar 2 displayed at the LG Energy Solution booth | Photo courtesy of AVING News

L&F booth at the 2023 DIFA Expo | Photo courtesy of AVING News

L&F booth at the 2023 DIFA Expo | Photo courtesy of AVING News

Kumyang booth at the 2023 DIFA Expo | Photo courtesy of AVING News

Kumyang booth at the 2023 DIFA Expo | Photo courtesy of AVING News

Onestop charging solution displayed at Daeyoung Chaevi booth | Photo courtesy of AVING News

Onestop charging solution displayed at Daeyoung Chaevi booth | Photo courtesy of AVING News

DAEGU, REPUBLIC OF KOREA (SOUTH), November 5, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Amid the rise of secondary batteries as a core national industry and Daegu’s emergence as the center for the ‘Battery Nation,’ the ‘2023 Daegu & Korea International Future Auto & Mobility Expo’ (2023 DIFA Expo) was held at EXCO from Thursday, October 19th to Saturday, October 21st, spanning three days. The event showcased the latest technologies related to secondary batteries and batteries.

LG Energy Solution and Samsung SDI, Anchor Companies Participate in 2023 DIFA Expo

At the 2023 DIFA Expo, LG Energy Solution and Samsung SDI, known as anchor companies in the battery industry, participated and unveiled their flagship products. Samsung SDI focused on the PRiMX battery product line at the 2023 DIFA, introducing next-generation lineups such as solid-state batteries, 46mm cylindrical batteries, and various electric vehicle battery products and technologies, including P6 (6th generation prismatic batteries) and P5 (5th generation prismatic batteries).

Samsung SDI also presented its roadmap for mass-producing solid-state batteries by 2027. The company has made strides in securing mass production technology by constructing a solid-state battery pilot line at its Suwon research center and producing prototype products. Attendees showed considerable interest in vehicles equipped with P5 batteries, such as the ‘BMW i7.’

The BMW i7, which includes these batteries, became a topic of discussion, with Lee Jae-Yong, the chairman of Samsung Electronics, purchasing the first ten vehicles for business use. The company also introduced its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives, including battery recycling and carbon reduction activities, in line with its medium- to long-term vision for a “sustainable and eco-friendly future society through outstanding technological capabilities.”

LG Energy Solution, like Samsung SDI, highlighted vehicles equipped with its batteries. Ford’s ‘Mustang Mach-E’ and the ‘Polestar 2’ from Polestar were displayed at their booth, attracting many visitors. LG Energy Solution’s ‘Extended-Range Battery’ was used in the Mustang vehicle, providing a maximum range of 502km on a single charge.

The Polestar 2 featured the LG Energy Solution’s ‘E66C Cell,’ boasting a capacity of 78kWh and providing a range of up to 417km on a single charge. LG Energy Solution also offered exhibition programs that enhanced visitors’ understanding of batteries, providing rich visual materials related to company introductions and battery development and adoption.

Diverse Exhibits in Electronic Materials and Secondary Battery Technologies

L&F, an electronic materials company aiming to become a global top-tier company, introduced its business areas, direction, and vision at the 2023 DIFA. Based in Daegu, L&F established its subsidiary, L&F New Materials, in August 2005, initiating its lithium-ion secondary battery cathode materials business. Since 2010, the company gained recognition on the world stage in this field.

L&F expressed its ambition to expand its core material industry to leap into a global top-tier electronic materials company. It offered detailed information about its various product lines in battery and material-related fields.

Secondary battery company Kumyang presented its battery value chain, including lithium materials, cathode materials, cylindrical batteries, and eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell businesses.

The highlight was Kumyang’s development of the ‘21700 Cell Technology,’ a cylindrical secondary battery that can be customized to meet customer specifications, reducing the number of batteries needed to power an electric vehicle and potentially reducing costs.

Daeyoung Chaevi, a company specializing in electric vehicle charging services, introduced innovative electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Daeyoung Chaevi provides an all-in-one charging solution from infrastructure development, installation, and management to charging services. The company produces various products, from mobile fast chargers to 400 kW distributed rapid chargers.

The company also presented Volvo Trucks Korea’s electric trucks and charging infrastructure at the exhibition through a business partnership agreement. They showcased V2X technology that actively responds to increased power demand and power supply difficulties during natural disasters and power overloads. This technology allows vehicles to efficiently supply power to power grids and homes, even in challenging power supply situations.

A Daeyoung Chaevi representative stated, “As domestic and international institutions and markets are intensifying their efforts to expand electric vehicle adoption, our company is committed to enhancing technology, diversifying platforms, and improving service quality as a global charging solution company,” and added that they are actively participating in various activities, including domestic and international exhibitions, to promote their ongoing efforts and achievements to the public.

Since 2017, Daegu has hosted the Future Auto & Mobility Expo (DIFA Expo), now in its 7th edition. This year’s event encompasses various aspects of the mobility industry, from eco-friendly cars (electric and hydrogen) to electric components, autonomous driving, and urban air mobility (UAM). The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport and the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy of the Republic of Korea co-hosted the event. They have focused on presenting the technological achievements made over the years and introducing the latest policy directions in preparation for the era of fully autonomous driving services and commercialization of UAM, expected between 2027 and 2030.

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