PixelFree Studio Set to Showcase Revolutionary Design-to-Code Software at Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal

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PixelFree Studio Set to Showcase Revolutionary Design-to-Code Software at Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal

Web Summit is the ideal platform for PixelFree to unveil our cutting-edge technology and to showcase how PixelFree Studio redefines the future of web and app development from Design-to-Code in a snap.”

— Philipp Geppert, PixelFree’s CEO

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA, US, November 14, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — PixelFree Studio, the trailblazer in design-to-code solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in Web Summit 2023, where it will unveil the latest release of its groundbreaking software. The spotlight will be on PixelFree Studio’s one-of-a-kind low-code solution, empowering designers and developers to convert their projects into human-readable, production-ready code with one simple click.

Web Summit, renowned as one of the world’s largest technology conferences, provides an unparalleled opportunity for startups like PixelFree Studio to showcase their innovations on a global stage. The event’s wide breadth, international reach, and influential decision-makers in attendance make it a crucial platform for emerging companies to gain exposure, forge partnerships, and connect with industry leaders.

PixelFree Studio’s design-to-code solution empowers users to translate custom designs into C#, Angular, HTML, Javascript, and CSS with ease in seconds. PixelFree also enables Figma users to effortlessly turn their designs into ready-to-use code. Moreover, the user-friendly interface allows designers to craft projects with unmatched creativity and efficiency. PixelFree Studio has ambitious plans to introduce support for Vue and React in the coming months.

PixelFree Studio’s design-to-code software solution offers a range of advantages that set it apart in the competitive landscape of web and app development. Here are some key advantages:

Efficiency and Speed with One-Click Code Generation: PixelFree Studio enables designers and developers to convert projects into production-ready code with a single click, significantly reducing the time and effort traditionally spent on coding.
Versatility in Language Support:

Multi-Language Compatibility: PixelFree Studio supports multiple programming languages, including C#, Angular, HTML, Javascript, and CSS. This flexibility allows users to work with a variety of tech stacks, enhancing adaptability across different projects.

Low-Code Solution with User-Friendly Interface: PixelFree Studio’s low-code solution is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both designers and developers. This simplicity streamlines the design-to-code process, empowering users with varying technical backgrounds.
Integration with Design Tools:

Seamless Figma Integration: PixelFree Studio seamlessly integrates with Figma, a popular design tool, allowing Figma users to effortlessly convert their designs into usable code. This integration enhances the workflow and collaboration between design and development teams.

“Web Summit serves as the ideal platform for PixelFree to unveil our cutting-edge technology,” stated Philipp Geppert, PixelFree’s CEO. “The global stage, the diverse audience, and the influential network presented at Web Summit create the perfect canvas for showcasing how PixelFree Studio is redefining the future of web and app development. It’s not just an event; it’s the nexus where groundbreaking technology meets exciting opportunity.”

“This conference marks a critical step on our journey from start-up to upstart, as we take on Adobe, Figma, and Weblfow head-on,” noted PixelFree President Solomon Hartman. “Web Summit isn’t just an event; it’s the ignition for PixelFree Studio’s launch into 2024, where we will establish new development partnerships and key relationships. In Lisbon, amidst the industry’s finest, we are poised to forge connections to fuel our growth, driving PixelFree’s evolution in the coming year.”

PixelFree Studio (www.pixelfreestudio.com) is headquartered in the vibrant high-tech region of Saarland, known for its innovative tech ecosystem and home to twelve of the top universities in the industry. This strategic location serves as a critical advantage to PixelFree’s development, contributing to the company’s reputation as a hub for innovation and technological advancements.

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