Alesian Unveiled: Elusive Luxury Consortium,  Chosen by Billionaires and Royalty

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2024 / — Empowering Unprecedented Access and Privacy in Luxury Acquisition and Management

Alesian, an exclusive hub for luxury items, allows individuals to not only acquire true beauty, but to curate it.

“Alesian epitomizes the essence of luxury, seamlessly blending timelessness with elegance. Our commitment is to meticulously curate the finest in luxury, from exquisite art and premium vehicles to rare collectibles and distinguished real estate,” shares the CEO. “At the core of Alesian is to preserve privacy and anonymity while giving clients the in-depth knowledge, far-reaching network, and established relationships that unlock the seemingly unattainable.”

Alesian offers their platform for billionaires and centimillionaires through expertise in purchasing and selling advisory, as well as collections and estates. Apart from this, they offer three additional flagship specialized services:

Noire: An invite-only opportunity, it provides bespoke curation and exclusive access to high-value assets for discerning collectors. Each carefully vetted member is assigned a personal curator who helps them gain access to a world of hidden treasures, elite auctions, and opportunities reserved for the most revered collectors.

Aurum: A global art investment fund dedicated to maintaining a collection of masterpieces from various periods. It aims to ensure robust returns for its investors. Alesian is working with the esteemed members of Noire, institutional investors, and sovereign wealth funds to launch its inaugural fund.

Aegis: Alesian’s annual curated charity auction, showcasing the work of exceptional up-and-coming artists and transforming their artistic vision into support for vital causes. Leveraging expertise and global connections, this auction represents and promotes a diverse range of new talent, while offering collectors a unique opportunity to acquire extraordinary pieces that make a meaningful difference.

A representative from Forbes stated, “While many firms cater to the luxury markets, only Alesian uniquely combines personalized experiences, exclusive access, and absolute privacy into a seamless service.”

Patrons across the globe have shared their positive experiences with Alesian’s services. An esteemed member of Noire and an heir to an Indian Royal Family said, “Alesian is the new frontier of generational wealth. With Alesian, I have a partner who understands my priorities extend beyond individual acquisitions. Their unwavering commitment to privacy is the foundation of the trust we’ve built, allowing me to pursue my passions with complete confidence.”

All across the world, consumers can curate their own luxury with Alesian. Putting a premium on privacy, Alesian values the secrecy of their customers making the secure process of living luxuriously the new norm.

Next, Alesian is set to reveal a new collection, titled Audax. This will include a real estate collection across cities like London, Cannes, New York City, and a private island; an art collection with pieces from coveted artists such as Da Vinci, Caravaggio, Raphael, and Picasso; and one-of-a-kind vehicles like a championship-winning F1 car, a custom Gulfstream, and a Lürssen super yacht.

Alesian understands that the rarest treasures are often the most elusive. Instead of simply sourcing objects, they uncover the unexpected. From long-lost artifacts to enshrouded masterpieces, Alesian connects you with possessions so unique, they transcend the ordinary and redefine your collection.

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