Amanda Holstein’s San Francisco Beach Home Remodel Highlights Custom Design Trends
Amanda Holstein’s San Francisco Beach Home Remodel Highlights Custom Design Trends

Amanda Holstein Designs

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Amanda Holstein Designs + CopperSmith

It was such a seamless experience, and as a designer, I’m grateful for that because it’s rare”

— Amanda Holstein

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, USA, June 13, 2024 / — — West Coast interior designer Amanda Holstein embarked on a project to renovate a boho beach retreat for her client’s luxury coastal home in San Francisco, California. Partnering with CopperSmith, Holstein transformed her vision into reality. Through their collaboration, CopperSmith showcases a breathtaking custom copper range for this luxurious water’s edge home in San Francisco.

The San Francisco beach home, an older property, required numerous custom design features. Holstein aimed to reflect the homeowner’s bubbly personality and passion for surfing in the design. She remarked, “The big inspiration for the kitchen feels very ocean-like, fun, and timeless, and then the copper vent hood added a touch of glam that mirrors the homeowner’s personality. It’s a big personality kitchen for sure. I love how bold yet simple it is. It’s a really simple shape, but that copper is just so memorable and brightens up the whole kitchen.”

Holstein chose the CopperSmith Designer DS1 – Custom Range Hood in a new penny copper finish with a smooth texture. The DS1 is a designer copper kitchen hood range featuring a sleek and stylish box design. Its rectangular shape symbolizes solidity and stability, bringing a warm and balanced feel to any kitchen.

San Francisco is known for its stunning world-class beaches on the Pacific Ocean and along the Bay shoreline. Nearby beach towns evoke a dreamy atmosphere that leaves one feeling absolutely relaxed and fascinated. Coastal kitchens often incorporate design elements that reflect the natural beach theme, including the use of natural materials, light colors, and a breezy ambiance. CopperSmith founder Ryan Grambart encourages clients designing coastal kitchens to consider using copper. “Copper adds warmth and color to your space, enhancing the coastal theme,” he explained.

Holstein provided the CopperSmith customer service team with exact measurements, photos, and the overall vibe she aimed to achieve. CopperSmith successfully brought her vision to life. The custom designer range hood stood out in Holstein’s interior design strategy. She deliberately chose not to match the copper to other metals in the kitchen, allowing the range hood to serve as the kitchen’s premier statement piece. Holstein stated, “The copper vent hood is definitely the statement piece of the kitchen. It really makes the kitchen. It’s that wow factor that you don’t expect, but then you see it, and you’re like, ‘Oh, that really works.'” The homeowner also shared that the range hood performs exceptionally well and is easy to clean, adding to its functionality.

Holstein emphasized the importance of finding a company that excels in custom pieces. “Investing in a custom piece is a significant decision, and CopperSmith gets it right. After experiencing difficulties with other vendors, finding one with such a seamless process that delivers the exact results we wanted was invaluable. You don’t want to let that vendor go. CopperSmith delivered on time, on budget, with no surprises or challenges. It was such a seamless experience, and as a designer, I’m grateful for that because it’s rare.”

CopperSmith continues to be the go-to partner for interior designers, architects, and builders seeking exceptional metalwork design and fabrication, bringing visions to life with their unique and high-quality custom metalwork.

CopperSmith designs sustainable metalwork products meant to last a lifetime. By offering endless customization and unmatched professional services, CopperSmith brings visions to life, combining advanced technology with handcrafted heirloom finishes for a seamless project experience. Find the perfect finishing touch for any residential or commercial space through their expansive line of architectural products. Discover why CopperSmith ( is the trusted partner for interior designers, architects, and builders nationwide, seeking exceptional metalwork design and fabrication.

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