Announcing Subzero Tides: A Sci-Fi Colony Builder Set on Europa Moon

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Research Tree

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Developed by Logical Progression Games, this immersive gaming experience is coming to Steam in the near future.

SLOVENIA, November 15, 2023 / — Announcing Subzero Tides: A Sci-Fi Colony Builder Set on Europa Moon

Developed by Logical Progression Games, this immersive gaming experience challenges players to build and sustain a thriving colony in the harshest of environments and is coming to Steam in the near future.

Game on Steam: Subzero Tides

Prepare to embark on a journey as Logical Progression Games enthusiastically presents “Subzero Tides.” In the year 2224, humanity’s expansion into the cosmos has brought them to the icy, unforgiving surface of Europa. This colony builder, set against the backdrop of a detailed sci-fi universe, combines elements of exploration, survival, and strategic decision-making.

• Build a Colony: Subzero Tides challenges players to build a self-sustaining colony from the ground up. Build habitation modules, secure water supplies, generate power, and extract vital resources from Europa’s harsh terrain. From resource processing to food production and advanced communication networks, every aspect of a colony is under the control of players.
• Manage Colonists: Guide a group of colonists, each possessing unique skills and roles crucial for survival. Mission commanders, engineers, researchers, and more await leadership. But the challenge doesn’t end with humans; players will also oversee advanced android models, each with distinct abilities to aid the mission.
• Uncover a Unique Setting: Transport to the year 2224 and secure the expedition to the Europa from one of eight dominant corporations, each offering exclusive bonuses and events. Explore the captivating world of Europa’s moon, where icy cold meets subsurface ocean tides, thanks to mysterious geothermal vents.
• Discover the subtleties: Engage in deep gameplay, navigating a web of variables, events, tasks, resources, and unforeseen challenges. Master an intuitive interface, dabble in diplomacy, conduct research, and adapt to unique disasters. Chart the region map, facilitate resource transfers between colonies and engage in exploration missions.

Get a sneak peek: Watch the announcement teaser.

About Logical Progression Games: Logical Progression is an independent game development studio dedicated to crafting deep and complex single-player PC games. For more information and a press kit, visit the Logical Progression Games website.

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