Author Ellie Dawson’s First Book Navigates Love’s Journey from Vulnerability to Power

When a Son Goes to War, and Beyond

When a Son Goes to War, and Beyond walks readers through the misery of vulnerability to the triumph of love’s power.

In ‘When a Son Goes to War, and Beyond,’ readers embark on an intimate journey through the spiritual challenges, experiencing the profound growth achieved along the way.”

— Ellie Dawson

UNITED STATES, January 22, 2024 / — In the face of war, parents face terrible anxiety about the possibility of experiencing the greatest tragedy imaginable: the loss or maiming of a child. Ellie Dawson, having experienced the deployment of her own son to Iraq, brings a beacon of understanding and peace through the sharing of her experience in When a Son Goes to War, and Beyond. In the face of a child’s deployment to a war zone, mothers and fathers confront helplessness as they are forced to abandon all their protective instincts. Intimately sharing her own journey, Dawson takes the reader on a transformative quest from love’s vulnerability to the triumph of love’s power to bring forth courage and strength.

• Embracing Love’s Vulnerability

In When a Son Goes to War, and Beyond, the author shows how the protective spirit of parents shifts to fear at the prospect of loss. She asks the tough questions about the role of faith in a world where evil abounds, where the child of one’s heart becomes someone else’s enemy to be eradicated. But she also traces the process by which that deep and special parental love can transcend fear and despair to become a sustaining force.

• Finding Connection and Solace

When a Son Goes to War, and Beyond, is not a collection of definitive answers. Rather, it is an exploration of metamorphosis. Dawson’s personal odyssey serves as a reflective guide toward inner strength. By sharing her story, she aims to mitigate the loneliness of fear and the emptiness of loss for families around the world. Her new book When a Son Goes to War, and Beyond offers companionship and comfort, a guide to relinquishing nagging questions, overcoming fear and embracing the mysteries of life. To quote world renown author of Altruism Matthieu Ricard, “When a Son Goes to War, And Beyond is a profound work that captures the essence of human courage, love, and sacrifice.

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About the Author

Ellie Dawson draws inspiration for her writing from life experience as a mother and grandmother, secondary and college teacher, and photographer. A lover of nature, she has camped across the United States with her sons. She lives in South Carolina with her German shepherd dog and two comical cats.

Ellie Dawson
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