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LONDON, UNITED KINGSOM, May 7, 2024 / — London, 6th May.
A study by LustMag has identified the UK’s top cities for permissiveness and liberalism. Amidst the backdrop of the culture wars, this research underscores the varying degrees of sexual freedom across the biggest cities in the UK. And – as it turns out – London may not be nearly as liberal as it likes to think it is.

LustMag has collected and analysed hundreds of data points related to sexual permissiveness in the largest cities in the UK. This includes the number of adult shops, clubs, bars and the number of annual LGBTQI+ events, plus more candid considerations such as adult dating hotspots, organisations, etc.

LustMag has published its full methodology.

The Final Results: Cardiff (68.2 points out of a possible 100) emerges as the winner of the UK’s Liberal City Index, showcasing its vibrant and inclusive sex-positive scene. Not far behind, Edinburgh (54.9 / 100) and Liverpool (52.7 / 100) also rank highly in the majority of categories indicative of freedom. Despite its vast range of venues, London (34.3) ranks tenth, illustrating the stiff competition among cities striving to be more inclusive and accepting.

The 10 most liberal cities in the UK are: Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol, Leicester, Brighton, Nottingham, Coventry, Birmingham, London.

The index revealed some surprising trends about sex-positive lifestyles in UK cities, showing that smaller cities are matching larger ones in terms of liberalism. Notably, Stoke-on-Trent, typically not known for its lively social scene, has emerged as the leader in adult clubs per capita.

On the other hand, the data also confirmed some more expected results, such as Brighton’s top ranking for LGBTQ-friendly bars and events. Known as the LGBTQ+ capital of the UK, Brighton’s prominent position in this category is consistent with its long-standing reputation as a welcoming and inclusive community for LGBTQ+ people.

Taken together, these findings illustrate the diverse and sometimes unexpected nature of local sex-positive entertainment scenes across the UK.

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