Cherylann Hawk Releases Heartwarming New Single “Love & Gratitude”
Cherylann Hawk Releases Heartwarming New Single “Love & Gratitude”

The Beatles said ‘All You Need is Love,’ and I decided to add a little gratitude to that statement.”

— Cherylann Hawk

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA, June 8, 2024 / — Celebrated Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter Cherylann Hawk is thrilled to announce the release of her new single, “Love & Gratitude,” on June 8, 2024. This uplifting track will be available on SunHawk Records and is set to resonate deeply with fans old and new.

Over the past 25 years, Cherylann Hawk has become a beloved fixture in Pittsburgh’s music scene. She has released three full-length CDs and several singles, including three home-recorded tracks from her own SunHawk Studio. Known for her rich, emotive voice and heartfelt lyrics, Cherylann has collaborated with numerous local, regional, and international artists, enriching the music community with her versatile talent.

“Love & Gratitude” is a song born from a place of deep reflection and positivity. Cherylann shares, “I received a call some time ago from a friend who had moved to Nashville to work for a record company. He had taken on a new female country artist and needed more songs for her to release. This call happened during a time when I had begun to practice finding gratitude in everything I encountered, so I decided to write a country song. The Beatles said ‘All You Need is Love,’ and I decided to add a little gratitude to that statement.” Though the country artist ultimately moved on from Nashville, Cherylann was left with a song that has since become her personal mantra.

The single features Cherylann on acoustic guitar and vocals, Bob Zigerelli on lead acoustic guitars, Charlie McVay on pedal steel guitar, Joey Granati on bass and keys, and Tracey Whorton on drums and percussion. “Love & Gratitude” was recorded and mixed with David Granati at Maplewood Studio/Dave World Productions and mastered by Brian Foraker.

ABOUT CHERYLANN HAWK: In addition to her solo work, Cherylann has made significant contributions through her collaborations with other artists. Her current frequent collaborations include working with Pittsburgh singer-songwriter John Vento, lending her voice to his albums “Love, Lust & Other Wreckage” and “Brick by Brick.” In August 2023, Cherylann joined forces with John, Bob Zigerelli, and Kevin McCarthy to form the acoustic group “Vento, Ziggy, Hawk & McCarthy” (VZH&M). The group has recently released a single and has more music on the way.

Cherylann’s voice has also been featured on IRead2Know and American Busker on iHeart Radio, and she has been actively involved in charitable performances, singing in hospitals for the Sonny Pugar Foundation’s “Music Smiles” program, and in retirement homes for Sound Advice Entertainment. She co-founded AcoustiCafe over 20 years ago to foster community and collaboration among artists. During the pandemic, Cherylann performed 250 weekday live streams on Facebook and YouTube, often featuring her children, and brought her music to global audiences as an avatar in the virtual world of Second Life.

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