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TUSCUMBIA, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2023 / — In today’s modern workplace, having high performing teams is critical because simply put, their synergy yields greater quality of work, increased productivity, higher positive engagement means happier company culture and a higher company bottom line. The post covid recovery period saw employees returning to the workplace and others choosing to continue to work remote. But experts were shocked to see an alarming number of top talent not returning to work, opting to start businesses of their own or other interesting adventures. This weird trend continued until experts finally labeled it as “The Great Resignation of 2022.”

Experts agree that 2024 and onward will see the war for corporate top talent continue. Employers must uplevel their retention efforts and recruiting game to romance the coveted Gen Y millennial top talent. Wise executives and entrepreneurs must strive to continually upskill and equip their employees with the tools needed to keep them developing their talents and functioning at their best.

Today we are speaking to Deaunna Jean Evans, an experienced and highly sought after Executive High Flow Peak Performance Coach and President of Top Talent Coaching. She’s here to shed light on how entrepreneurs can survive and thrive in this uncertain economy with a new coaching discipline, high flow peak performance coaching. Coach Dee’s work is dedicated to coaching executives and entrepreneurs to leverage leading edge neuroscience discoveries that will help employees triple their performance and increase productivity by up to 500%! This productivity converts into emotional benefits such as employees enjoying greater job satisfaction and a happier work life balance. How can she make these incredible claims?

A former victim of professional burnout, Coach Dee has been through her own personal transformation with the neuroscience of flow dynamics. In fact, she experienced life’s Big 5 most stressful life events, in just 15 months! She refers to it as a ferocious Kat 5 Life Hurricane that hit and the onslaught lasted for a full 15 months. Later she laughs and says that she is here to brag about how she beat burnout all while whirling around in the Life’s Big 5 Nasties but chose to rise up from the ashes of her life and today is launching her dream coaching practice anyway! She attributes this amazing success to implementing the neuroscience of flow coaching methodology, on herself! She believes if she can make it through these almost unbearable life events using flow neuroscience discoveries, anyone can, too!

Through Deaunna’s unique and leading-edge coaching methodology, she is able to successfully help leaders and executives enhance their employees well-being with help overcoming specific challenges with neuroscience models of action and emotional tools. When coached, employees feel supported and better equipped to handle challenges of the day. Now that they are armed with physical and emotional tools, employees show up to work with a positive can do attitude feeling supported and ready to achieve and exceed company goals.

When high levels of stress dissipate so does cognitive load. When coached with flow, leaders become better decision makers, team leaders are better respected, have more influence and enjoy a healthier mind, body and spirit connection. And the organization benefits monetarily with high bottom line profits. Engaged employees equate to productive employees.

Deaunna shares that her love of coaching comes from seeing people align with their core values, determine their life’s passion, purpose and learn how to navigate life in such a way that brings them true peace, love and joy. By teaching clients to enter into what she calls The Flow Superhighway, where time seems insignificant and surroundings fade into the background and tasks are flying off the checklist, “It’s magical” she beams!

Coaching clients to learn how to get into this hyper flow state, on demand, is her ultimate coaching mission; helping people be their best, even when they feel at their worst, tripling performance and increasing productivity up to 500% is always the golden medals she seeks for her clients.

To help professionals become more consistent, vigilant, and encouraged to accomplish their goals, she created a program called, “Neuro Powered Goal Stacking System” which makes it ridiculously simple to achieve your loftiest goals with neuroscience goal setting methodology! But that’s not all. Knowledge without implementation is not productive. So, to give professionals an added advantage, she hosts a weekly support group, “Neuro Powered Goals on Track a weekly pit stop for professionals to flow, go and grow!

Through her unique high flow peak performance coaching, Deaunna can help your organization transform employees into athletic-like champions in the workplace and superheroes of their life. It starts, she says, with optimizing our brain for peak performance by creating new neural pathways. She works with employees to level up body physiology to ride the superhighway of flow both emotionally and physically! With stress whittled away, she teaches employees how to have monk-like focus for greater productivity and naturally a healthy work life balance ensues with better sleep habits, eating better, and living mindfully, abundantly, and totally energized.

Deaunna wants us to unlock our full potential and this is her mission. Top Talent Coaching is no ordinary run of the mill coaching practice, rather you get a partnership that helps organizations elevate and reach their goals by helping their people develop and expand their skills and come together as a team.

Don’t miss Deaunna’s upcoming interview with Jim Masters. She will literally empower and inspire you towards a whole new wonderful way of living with health and success.

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