Discover the Power of Positivity with ‘What’s GOOD About TODAY? A Purpose Driven Life’
Discover the Power of Positivity with ‘What’s GOOD About TODAY? A Purpose Driven Life’

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Unveil the secrets to a positive and purpose-driven life in the inspiring new book, “What’s GOOD About TODAY?”

What’s GOOD About TODAY, The Quest for Happiness, the Treasures of Each Day are Waiting to be Discovered by Those who Dare to Look!”

— Christopher Cochran

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2024 / — Do life’s challenges weigh you down? Are your days filled with a sense of emptiness and a tendency to focus on the negative?

Have overthinking, anxiety, and anger consumed your mind and heart?

Envision a future where you lead with positivity and feel uplifted and inspired each day by the world around you.

That’s just what author Christopher Cochran is hoping to give readers of What’s GOOD About TODAY? : A Purpose Driven Life inspired by his son Christian’s challenging battle with cancer.

In his brief, but notably well-lived 23 years of life, Christian’s uplifting spirit, powerful words, and brilliant example not only inspired his family, friends and community, but also drew a map that led his father down the path to a purpose-driven life and inspired this book.. This book is more than a memoir; it’s a call to embrace each day with joy and gratitude, a tribute to Christian’s indomitable spirit, and a guide for others to find light in their own lives.

Christopher Cochran is available for interviews, Q&A’s, and bylined articles and can speak/write on topics including:

● Writing about such a challenging period of his life, his writing process and how it helped
him achieve a purpose-driven life
● How to stay motivated and inspired while completing a creative pursuit
● Advice for navigating grief with positivity and finding the beauty in each day
● What does a purpose-driven life mean? How can we achieve it even during times of

About the Author:
At the core of who Chris Cochran lies the roles of father, husband, and friend. These purposes have profoundly shaped his journey and are at the heart of this book. This deeply personal work is inspired by his son Christian, who courageously fought his battle with cancer. Christian’s extraordinary perspective on life is exemplified by his daily question, What’s good about today? It taught us to embrace each day with positivity. His legacy of hope and resilience is a precious gift that Chris is committed to sharing with the world.

Professionally, Chris’s journey spans more than three decades, during which time he’s held pivotal roles in sales, marketing, operations, and P&L management within large public companies. As the founder and CEO of BluChip Solutions, he has steered the company to become a leader in workforce management solutions, serving a diverse range of industries.

His position on the board of directors at Coeptis Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. further intertwines his personal experiences with his professional endeavors, as they work to develop advanced cancer therapies. Chris’s involvement with What’s GOOD About TODAY? a nonprofit organization born from Christian’s enduring spirit, is a testament to his dedication to spreading kindness and generosity.

It’s Chris’s belief that his career, marked by guiding companies through significant growth and championing impactful organizations, reflects a deep-seated commitment to leaving a positive mark on both the business world and the broader community. In What’s GOOD About TODAY? he weaves together these varied strands of my life, crafting a narrative that he hopes to speak to resilience in both professional and personal realms.

What’s GOOD About TODAY? will be released on August 22nd, 2024 and will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, Apple iBooks, and all local bookstores.

Preorders are available now in Print and ebook

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