Laura and Leroy Collinwood of Health and Wisdom to be Featured on Close Up Radio
Laura and Leroy Collinwood of Health and Wisdom to be Featured on Close Up Radio

ARCOLA, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2024 / — As Americans become more and more health conscious, they are continually looking for ways to boost their immune system as well as their overall health. We are drinking green smoothies and popping more vitamins and supplements than ever before along with other nutrients like protein, vitamin A, calcium, zinc, and iron. But one vital mineral we don’t often hear enough about is Magnesium, which is essential for healthy muscles, nerves, and helping maintain healthy blood sugars and blood pressure. In fact, did you know that if you don’t get enough magnesium in your diet, you may be at a higher risk for a heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and osteoporosis? But if you’re thinking, “oh no not another pill to swallow,” that’s not the case. Applying magnesium topically or soaking in a magnesium bath or foot soak is even better than ingesting magnesium as it goes to work fast, soothing aching muscles and joints and relieving soreness and pain.

Laura and Leroy Collinwood are the owners of Health and Wisdom which specializes in the highest quality USP grade Magnesium products available on the market for over twenty years in the United States as well as internationally.

Although many people opt to take magnesium orally, studies show when sprayed or rubbed onto the skin, Magnesium is quickly absorbed and goes directly into the bloodstream bypassing the digestive system and is taken to the tissues where it is needed. Using magnesium topically, unlike traditional tablets and capsules, is in fact, the most convenient and optimal way to receive all the benefits magnesium offers.

Sourced as a liquid here in the United States, Health and Wisdom sells USP Pharmaceutical grade pure topical magnesium, which is the purest, most concentrated Magnesium Oil available. It is the same magnesium used in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and dialysis centers throughout the United States.

Through their online store you can shop for magnesium oils and gels, magnesium prills, bar soaps, and Dead Sea Salt magnesium bath crystals. Used as a foot soak or bath, or when applied to the skin, magnesium is one of the best natural remedies shown to support deeper, more restful sleep, soothe migraines, relax sore muscles, calm sensitive nerves, ease stress, and support relaxation.

According to Laura and Leroy, most of us don’t get the recommended amount of magnesium. If our diet is high in processed foods and pre-packaged convenience foods and low in vegetables including leafy greens, avocados, beans and legumes, nuts seeds and whole grains, more than likely we are magnesium deficient. Stress, high blood sugars, and certain medications can also deplete our magnesium.

Laura explains that Magnesium is needed by every cell and every organ in our body. Many people don’t’ even realize they are magnesium deficient. That’s because, as Laura points out, even if you have your blood level checked, it will typically appear normal because the body is very careful about regulating magnesium in the blood stream. This means that your cellular magnesium levels could be low even though your blood test says that your magnesium looks normal.

Leroy says we may not realize how magnesium is just as needed as calcium or iron for optimal health. He refers to magnesium as “the relaxer mineral,” because it literally relaxes muscles and calms nerves. If we get leg cramps at night or are incessantly struggling with falling asleep or staying asleep, magnesium could be the answer.

Severe magnesium deficiency can cause symptoms including numbness, muscle cramps, or an abnormal heart rhythm. Studies show that better magnesium levels in the body not only improve energy levels, but they may also stabilize blood sugar levels and improve blood pressure and heart function. In addition, as magnesium levels improve, mental clarity and emotional stability also improve.

Whether you’re a young child, senior, or somewhere in between, magnesium is an essential mineral for living your best life.

Through Health and Wisdom and providing the purest, safest, highest-quality topical magnesium, Laura and Leroy have helped thousands of people of all ages improve their health naturally with this life-changing mineral.

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