The Magic Weighted Blanket Brings A Little Love To Children In Need

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Making A Difference This Valentine’s Day, One Hug At A Time.

Making a positive difference in someone’s life makes the challenges of running a small family business extremely rewarding.”

— Keith Zivalich, Owner Of The Magic Weighted Blanket

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 7, 2024 / — The Magic Weighted Blanket – ‘The Blanket That Hugs You Back’, started a global sleep revolution by introducing the first commercially made weighted blanket back in 1998. Over 25 years later, weighted blankets are a global phenomenon, bringing calm and comfort to millions of sleep-deprived people all over the world.

As a result of this success, Keith Zivalich, owner of The Magic Weighted Blanket, has made giving back a key part of their community effort. “From day one, we have been donating our weighted blankets to veterans and children who are in need. Making a positive difference in someone’s life makes the challenges of running a small family business extremely rewarding.”

When Mr. Zivalich received a request from the Amarillo Chrildren’s Home, he did not hesitate to help. “We started this business to improve the lives of children with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. Thankfully, our success has enabled us to give back.”

According to Tracie Jackson, Development Coordinator with Amarillo Children’s Home, “One of our case managers requested weighted blankets as the comfort provided is essential to children who have experienced trauma. I was hopeful to find a company willing to donate blankets for children in foster care. Keith and his company did not hesitate to help.”

And as soon as the Magic Weighted Blankets were delivered, lives were forever changed.

“We accepted placement of Emmy, a 5 year old girl, a few days before Christmas. She was hospitalized due to the abuse she suffered at the hands of her own parents,” recounts Ms. Jackson.

“One of our case managers visited her days before discharge and took her a pretty purple weighted blanket Keith’s company donated. Her initial reaction was to the color – it just happened to be her favorite and she commented on how soft it was. The case manager spent time with her, covered her with her new blanket and left. The case manager received a call from one of the nurses the following day saying sweet Emmy had her best night sleep that night.”

Ms. Jackson adds, “Without knowing the name of the company that donated the weighted blanket, the nurse actually said, ‘Looks like you brought Emmy a magic blanket!’

“Emmy continues to use her magic blanket day and night as she continues her recovery and is very attached to it, I hope I am clearly communicating the level of gratitude ACH has for this gift. We can give kids gifts and tools, but the ability to give her something of such comfort is a gift to us.”

The Magic Weighted Blanket is the original weighted blanket, invented by Keith Zivalich in 1997. These machine washable and dryer friendly blankets promote better sleep through deep pressure compression therapy. And is one of only a handful of manufacturers still making weighted blankets in America.

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How Weighted Blankets Came To Be

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