The Motivated Mom and Lion Heart Join Forces to Reduce Maternal Mortality for Moms and Dads of Color in Chicago

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The Maternal Outcomes Matters Showers is Coming to Chicago

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2023 / — A Chance to Learn, the fiscal sponsor for The Maternal Outcomes Matter Showers (M.O.M.S) Tour, is excited to announce the M.O.M.S Tour (Maternal Outcomes Matter Showers) in Chicago, a collaborative effort aimed at addressing the pressing issue of maternal health outcomes, particularly among African American and American Indian/Alaska Native women in communities with alarmingly high maternal and morbidity rates.

The event will occur on October 28 at Corliss High School from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

The M.O.M.S. Tour serves as a crucial platform, bringing together esteemed mental health professionals, dedicated birth workers, medical experts, and proactive community members for a collective dialogue on the critical issue of maternal health disparities. Through this initiative, the aim is to foster meaningful discussions and explore effective avenues for providing essential resources and unwavering support to at-risk women.

The event will feature an array of valuable resources, including essential baby supplies, access to local services, educational information, a postpartum depression toolkit released by the Office of Women’s Health at the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health, and vital health-related services such as healthcare coverage, mental health services, support services from doulas and midwives, vaccination offerings, and nutritious food, among others.

Families are encouraged to attend and extend their support in spreading awareness about this vital initiative. Pregnant women and families seeking indispensable services and baby supplies will find a nurturing and supportive environment at The MOMS Tour. The event isn’t exclusively for mothers, as the “Dad’s Den,” hosted by Chris Davis, the Founder of Lion Heart Unlimited, provides a safe space for fathers to share their paternal journey and experiences.

Furthermore, community members keen on pursuing free Doula certification are invited to attend and explore the life-changing Doula certification program facilitated by Cocolife.Black as part of The M.O.M.S. Tour.

A Chance to Learn, recognized as the driving force behind The Motivated Mom platform, led by LaToyia Dennis, has been instrumental in its commitment to empowering women and families by providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools to make informed healthcare decisions. This is achieved through collaborative efforts with key partners, including The Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter-day Saints, World Vision, The Boppy Company, Thriftbooks, COGIC Urban Initiative, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Just Serve.

Chris Davis, Founder of Lion Heart Unlimited, emphasized, “I firmly believe that fathers are the cornerstone of a child’s foundation and life journey. Their presence and guidance not only shape the child’s character but also lay the groundwork for resilient and compassionate individuals. Advocacy for healthy fathers is not just a cause. It’s an investment in the strength of the next generation of leaders. It creates a world where children can stand tall on the sturdy foundation of paternal love and support. This is why partnering with the M.O.M.S. tour was synergistic for us, and leading the Dad’s Den effort was in perfect harmony with the heartbeat of our work.”

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