AGFA HealthCare Demonstrates How Its Pioneering Enterprise Imaging Technology Revolutionizes the Way Distributed Health Networks Manage Medical Imaging
At HIMSS23, Chicago, AGFA HealthCare, the Enterprise Imaging pioneer and innovator, will showcase how its latest generation of the Enterprise Imaging platform (AGFA EI) supports health systems' goals to deliver sustainable and superior care outcomes, across local community networks or geographically distributed organizations.

AGFA HealthCare at HIMSS23

AGFA HealthCare - Introducing the Imaging Health Network\u2122 at HIMSS23

Introducing the Imaging Health Network™ - AGFA HealthCare introduced the single-source-of-truth Imaging Health Record™ (IHR) to empower clinicians with frictionless access to imaging information, so they can find their flow and stay focused on patients. The Imaging Health Network™ (IHN) further advances seamless access to patient imaging across high-volume health networks and affiliates. 

The Imaging Health Network™ is an aggregated community health record for medical imaging, in which all contributing providers publish their portion of the patient's journey. At each step along this journey, the patient is assured that the physician has access to the entire cross-provider imaging record. With the IHN in place, care providers can save, view, and access patient imaging information in real time, supporting clinical history confidence. 

The latest generation AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging breaks the old paradigm of routing data to the user and instead brings the 'user to the data' via real-time streaming technology.

Mark Burgess, President, North America, AGFA HealthCare, explains: "Our vision for Enterprise Imaging is to act at the intersection of patient care and technology. We believe that clinicians deserve a 'Life in flow,' that enables them to stay focused on the task at hand, without the unnecessary distractions that old-school imaging systems create. The AGFA EI Imaging Health Network™ creates an extended community of shared patient imaging to advance sustainable care. AGFA EI is the backbone that health systems can build upon as they adopt the benefits of the Imaging Health Record™, for all medical specialties that generate or consume imaging."

HIMSS23 attendees are invited to experience Enterprise Imaging Innovations
At AGFA HealthCare's booth, participants can discover how AGFA EI keeps the entire healthcare ecosystem in flow: from IT specialists to multi-service line clinicians, management, and patients. The result is the ability to leverage medical imaging across the care continuum, empowering the delivery of exceptional patient care.

Increase radiology and cardiology efficiency by creating a fair work distribution. Share workloads enterprise-wide with AGFA HealthCare workflow orchestration and the Shared Reading WorkflowClinicians can spend less time on low-impact tasks, and more time on high-impact work.

Augment decision-making, and support clinical accuracy and fast diagnosis with the RUBEE® for AI solution. Enable speedy care and access to patient data - no matter the modality, no matter the place, with AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging POCUS.
Improve the cardiologist's work experience with Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology, across specialties and modalities, while offering web-based image viewing and access. 

Increase your image storage and viewing, data security, scalability and accessibility while controlling costs, with AGFA HealthCare's modular approach to Cloud Solutions.

Dan Brown, Chief Technology Officer, AGFA HealthCare adds: "With a single, clinical database platform, we can enable a leaner organization that supports each and every person in the health system to be the best version of themselves. Fewer IT systems means less resources and time are required for management, while fewer applications reduces the requirements for servers, storage and infrastructure support. Our pioneering technology provides a true 'less is more' approach, delivering what health systems are demanding in order to operate successfully in today's challenging care and financial environment."

"That's life in flow" - AGFA HealthCare delivers 'Life in flow' to meet radiologists', as well as all clinicians', daily challenges by means of a highly focused and customizable experience. Through automation, straightforward integration, and cross-team collaboration, our Imaging Health Record™ gives clinicians a truly comprehensive view of their patients, letting them spend less time searching for data - and more time focused on helping people.

To find your flow, find our booth: AGFA HealthCare booth #1902, HIMSS23, Chicago, or contact us for a special discussion at your convenience. Also, please stop by for our Belgian Beer Tasting, Tuesday, April 18, and Wednesday, April 19, beginning at 4:00 PM.

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Original Source: AGFA HealthCare Demonstrates How Its Pioneering Enterprise Imaging Technology Revolutionizes the Way Distributed Health Networks Manage Medical Imaging
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