Birch Concepts LLC Unveils the Innovative Soviflex Self-Retaining Vaginal Retractor
Revolutionary Medical Device Set to Improve the Standard of Vaginal Laceration Repairs Experienced by 80% of Women During Childbirth

Soviflex? Self-Retaining Vaginal Retractor

Soviflex? Self-Retaining Vaginal Retractor

The Soviflex™ self-retaining vaginal retractor is a revolutionary device designed to improve the repair of vaginal lacerations caused by childbirth. About 80% of women experience vaginal tearing during delivery, and obstetricians have traditionally needed to use one hand to hold open the vaginal walls to see and be able to repair the lacerations and the other hand to suture the tears. The Soviflex retractor helps to streamline this process with improved visualization and no need for a second set of hands.

The retractor has a balance of flexibility and elasticity, enabling easy insertion without applying undue force on sensitive vaginal tissues. It is self-retaining, freeing up both hands for the procedure. Made of soft silicone material, it is gentler for the patient than metal retractors. It also reduces the risk of needlesticks to the surgeon or teaching physician. There are two versions of the device to address different patient body types.

According to Dr. Valerie V. Gafori, MD, in San Diego, California, "The Soviflex is not only an elegant solution to improve vaginal repairs for practicing providers, it's also a great teaching aid; one doesn't need to use their hands to provide visualization for students. I wish I had this when I was teaching residents. The Soviflex is also incredibly helpful for deep vaginal sulcus tears."

The Soviflex self-retaining vaginal retractor is the perfect solution for obstetricians attending deliveries. For more information and to request a sample for evaluation, visit

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Original Source: Birch Concepts LLC Unveils the Innovative Soviflex Self-Retaining Vaginal Retractor
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