Agile Space Industries to provide propulsion capability for True Anomaly to enable dynamic space operations

Modern propulsion system will enable operational “maneuver without regret” and support True Anomaly in its selection for U.S. Space Systems Command mission

Agile’s hardware gives Jackal propulsive capability that has simply not been seen before in a spacecraft of this size. ”

— Even Rogers, True Anomaly CEO & Co-Founder

DURANGO, CO, USA, April 26, 2024 / — Agile Space Industries is proud to announce it is providing advanced propulsion technology for a variant of True Anomaly’s Jackal autonomous orbital vehicle (AOV). True Anomaly is a Denver-based technology company developing advanced hardware and software for the sustainable security of space.

Space security and sustainability missions require True Anomaly’s Jackal AOV to maneuver in any orbit. Propulsive efficiency is key to enabling mission flexibility so operators can “maneuver without regret,” knowing they will have ample propellant reserves for future maneuvers. In addition to efficiency, high thrust is imperative to minimize response time and maximize unpredictability to potential adversaries.

True Anomaly’s new, highly propulsive Jackal configuration will add to the company’s platform options to suit specific mission types. Agile is currently manufacturing the main engines, attitude control thrusters, propellant tanks, and other propulsion components that will be integrated into True Anomaly’s production line on an accelerated schedule to enable the company’s multi-orbit, high-acceleration, and high delta-V Jackal requirements.

True Anomaly was recently selected for a contract by Space Systems Command, a U.S. Space Force field command, for the VICTUS HAZE Tactically Responsive Space (TacRS) mission, which has a goal of demonstrating and proving how commercial capabilities can be used for future TacRS operations all while further enabling dynamic space operations.

In addition to the propulsion components, Agile will provide propellent logistics services including procurement, handling, and spacecraft fuel-loading for the Jackal AOV that True Anomaly will launch as part of the VICTUS HAZE demonstration in 2025.

“Propulsion is at the heart of Jackal’s unique capabilities,” said True Anomaly CEO & Co-Founder Even Rogers. “Agile’s hardware gives Jackal propulsive capability that has simply not been seen before in a spacecraft of this size. By combining efficiency and high thrust, we will empower operators with the agility needed to succeed in the demanding space environment.”

“Both Agile and True Anomaly are investing in the mission—it’s a true collaboration,” said Agile CEO Chris Pearson. “The hardware being brought to market will benefit the wider space economy and is enabled by Agile’s strategic investments in advanced additive manufacturing and vertically integrated propulsion test capabilities.”

About Agile Space Industries

Agile Space Industries provides in-space propulsion solutions to enable our customers to reach their destinations faster and more efficiently to take advantage of the new space economy. Our industry leading propulsion design, metal 3D printing, and vacuum hot-fire testing capabilities are under one roof allowing us to provide a competitive edge for our government and industry customers. Please visit us at

About True Anomaly

True Anomaly builds innovative technology at the intersection of spacecraft, software, and AI to deliver solutions for space security, sustainability, and accessibility. The company empowers the U.S. government, its allies, and partners as well as the commercial space industry to lead safe, resilient operations on orbit to secure life on Earth. For more information about True Anomaly, visit


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