Albatross-inspired, 100% Electric, and On Track for 2028 Takeoff

Electron 5 Albatross-inspired design update

Electron 5 aircraft flying above Paris

Electron 5 aircraft flying above Paris

ELECTRON aerospace logo

ELECTRON aerospace logo

750km zero-emission flights from 2028: Electron 5 mimics the albatross for unmatched efficiency: large wings, dynamic body, and bird-eye windows.

Taking inspiration from the Albatross, our Electron 5 features an aerodynamically efficient body, robust wings, and windows that mimic the bird’s vigilant eyes.”

— Alexander Klatt, Head of Design at ELECTRON aerospace

ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, March 27, 2024 / — ELECTRON aerospace remains on track to deliver first aircraft in 2028 and is excited to share a significant design update for the Electron 5, showcased publicly by Steve Varsano, who is an American business leader, jet broker, luxury entrepreneur, enlightened advisor, and founder and President of The Jet Business. Steve is an authoritative voice as he has been in the jet selling business for almost thirty years, making his first sale at the age of 23. Steve believes that the Electron 5 sets new standards in terms of versatility and operating cost, making it the future workhorse for regional air mobility.

In late January, we presented to an impressed group of investors the update of our Electron 5 aircraft, which is based on inspiration from nature, in-depth customer feedback, and physical validation from two full-size cabin mock-ups. Inspired by the efficiency and elegance of the Albatross, the Electron 5 embodies a blend of natural aerodynamics and cutting-edge aviation technology. “Taking inspiration from the Albatross, our Electron 5 features an aerodynamically efficient body, robust wings, and windows that mimic the bird’s vigilant eyes,” said Alexander Klatt, Head of Design at ELECTRON aerospace. This design philosophy ensures the Electron 5 is perfectly suited for zero-emission short intra-European hops, combining performance with sustainability.

Multiple Use Cases Unlocked

The innovative cargo door, unheard of for an aircraft of this size, facilitates easy access and unlocks a range of use cases for regional air mobility, including transporting up to four passengers, carrying 500 kg of cargo on a European pallet, second stage pilot training, and medical evacuation flights. This versatility is an operator’s dream, making the Electron 5 the future workshorse for regional air mobility.

A New Standard for Efficiency

The Electron 5 sets a new industry standard for efficiency, achieving meaningful distances of up to 750 km (466 miles) on today’s batteries. This milestone is crucial for unlocking regional air mobility by connecting destinations previously considered unreachable in the zero-emission domain. Furthermore, the transition to a pure battery-electric drive system ensures the Electron 5 offers the lowest operating costs in the industry, representing a significant advancement towards sustainable aviation.

Key features:

Max range: 750 km / 466 miles

Operating range: 500 km / 310 miles

Max speed: 350 km/h / 188 knots

Seats: Max 5 (including pilot)

Propulsion: Twin engine, battery-electric drive system

Energy source: Commercially available battery technology

Payload: 500 kg / 1,100 pounds

Use cases: Passenger, Cargo, Pilot training, and Medical Evacuation

Expected certification: End of 2027

1st Deliveries: Early 2028

Some quotes:

Josef Mouris, CEO at ELECTRON aerospace, highlighted the aircraft’s mission: “We designed the Electron 5 to unlock regional air mobility, offering up to 750 km (466 miles) on today’s batteries and the lowest operating costs in the industry thanks to its pure battery electric drive system.”

Steve Varsano, CEO of The Jet Business, praised the updated design: “The spacious and comfortable cabin of the Electron 5, for an aircraft of this size, offers an experience more akin to travelling in a luxury car than on a private jet today.”

“The cat is out of the bag! Thanks, Steve Varsano,” added Alex Klatt, celebrating the wider exposure of their innovative design. Steve Varsano’s recent showcase of the Electron 5 brings this vision to the forefront, allowing the public to witness the future of sustainable aviation.

For those interested in exploring the Electron 5 and its capabilities, Steve’s feature can be viewed at:




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Steve Varsano from The Jet Business unveiling Electron 5 design update

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