Celebrating Leadership Stories from Indian Armed Forces

Book Launch: ‘Lead from the Front: Inspiring Military Stories of Courage, Leadership, and Resilience’

Saluting the spirit and legacy of the Indian army, Purav Gandhi and Sudeep Krishna proudly announce the launch of their book – ‘Lead from the Front’

A collection of 9 stories of exemplary leadership displayed by individuals in the armed forces – this book is an unforgettable journey of celebrating triumphs, learning lessons, and sharing laughter!”

— Dr. Purav Gandhi & Sudeep Krishna

AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, INDIA, February 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — A culmination of 5 years’ worth of research, travel and study, ‘Lead from the Front: Inspiring Military Stories of Courage, Leadership, and Resilience’ is a collaborative feat by Sudeep and Purav in penning anecdotes that they picked up along the way. This book is a compilation of 9 tales – tales of unwavering courage, resilience, and extraordinary leadership exhibited by remarkable individuals in the military.

Sudeep & Purav’s book emphasizes that, contrary to popular belief, leaders in the Armed forces are not always fighting wars. They spend 90% of their career in a combination of field and peace postings, honing their skills and learning how to lead those missions when they ‘might’ face the enemy. However, these periods are heavily interspersed with mundane administrative tasks, field exercises, fitness drills and people management. As a part of that military career journey, they have aspirations like any professional in the workforce – sustained career growth, better perks and compensation, a comfortable life for their families and good career prospects for their children.

The book’s summary suggests that it covers both war and non-war stories. The chapter ‘A well-oiled machine’ recounts the exploits of a company commander and his team in the dark jungles of Kupwara. The story ‘The Bal is in our Kot’ draws a deep insight into the mind of a fighter pilot who led a part of the Balakot bombing mission. Meanwhile some non-war stories like ‘Turning the Tide’ talk about a young captain who transforms his company of soldiers from mediocre troops to outstanding warriors. No matter what category the stories comes under, the book suggests to have numerous takeaways for readers.

The book – a collection of true accounts from India’s Military history – promises to take the readers on an unforgettable journey of celebrating triumphs, learning lessons, and sharing laughter through a collection of stories that are sure to inspire everyone to “Lead from the Front.”

Published by Notion Press, you can purchase the book ‘Lead from the Front’ on all leading platforms Amazon, Flipkart, Kindle and Notion Press store.

About the authors:

Sudeep Krishna has worked for over 20 years in the corporate sector. Till recently, he worked as a Senior Partner in one of the world’s leading Management consulting firms. While growing up in Jammu, J&K, Sudeep was exposed to the world of the Armed forces that inspired him to apply for the National Defence Academy. Having cleared the written examination, Sudeep was unable to clear the Services Selection Board (SSB) interviews. However, his interest in the armed forces never left him. He collected many armed forces stories over the years, and these now have taken the form of this book. He currently lives in Hyderabad with his family that includes his wife and two kids.

Purav Gandhi is a physician by education, entrepreneur by profession and an avid military and cricket fan at heart. He currently runs a management consulting firm called Healthark Insights, that he started in 2015. Purav was introduced to the fascinating and inspiring world of armed forces when he first visited the National Defence Academy in Pune in 2018. Since then, he has read several books on military leaders and lessons from their inspiring actions, and taken every opportunity to visit various armed forces establishments across the country interacting and learning from real life heroes. He currently lives in his home town Ahmedabad, with his family that includes his parents, wife and two lovely kids.

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Lead From The Front: Unveiling Military Leadership – Official Book Trailer

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