Enhancing Offshore Personnel Management through Crew Companion Heliport App

Stavanger, Norway

Offshore crew embarking helicopter

Offshore crew embarking helicopter

The Crew Companion Heliport App is designed to manage offshore personnel movement at helicopter ports. It is already in use in Bergen and Stavanger (Norway).

KRISTIANSAND, NORWAY, March 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an industry-first, the Crew Companion Heliport App transforms how offshore personnel are managed,and deployed from heliports. This innovative app leverages years of development and expertise in personnel logistics to offer a comprehensive solution that prioritizes safety while optimizing the crew transfer process (walk-to-work).

Access and monitoring

Many offshore platforms use e-Mustering systems to understand the whereabouts of their crew during their time offshore. Operators also manage access to these platforms via the same system and update their POB list (personnel onboard) accordingly.

Crew Companion goes a step further. The Crew Companion Heliport App integrates seamlessly with existing crew management systems to assign Crew Companion tags to offshore personnel while still onshore, facilitating efficient and safe transport to platforms by helicopters or vessels. Each tag with its unique numeric ID, connects each person to their critical information such as name, personal details, certificates, and emergency contact information. This is then linked via the app o the helicopter manifests in DaWinci, and Crew Companion.

Use Cases of Crew Companion:

• Personnel Logistics: The app integrates with offshore flight management systems (e.g., DaWinci, Vantage, Helipass, Optima), facilitating the movement of personnel in and out of the point of boarding, at the heliport, ensuring accurate counts at all times.

• Safety Monitoring: Central onshore control rooms can monitor offshore facilities, enhancing safety during drills and live events through real-time tracking of crew movements through Crew Companion.

• Data Management: Crew Companion offers exportable data, events, alarms, and POB/POS figures, supported by a customizable API for seamless integration with third-party systems.

• Attendance Reporting: Utilize SQL databases for logging personnel movements, providing supervisors with the tools needed for detailed attendance and movement monitoring.

“The Heliport app represents a significant improvement in offshore personnel management at Bergen and Stavanger heliports. This innovation not only facilitates and streamlines the process of managing offshore personnel but also saves time and enhances safety and efficiency. It’s a testament to our commitment to driving progress in the industry,” said John Zachariah, Head of Professional Services Scandinavia at Identec Solutions, the developers behind Crew Companion.”

The Crew Companion Heliport App represents a leap forward in offshore personnel management. By enhancing and streamlining operational workflows, it sets a new standard for the industry. Bergen and Stavanger heliports are just the beginning, with potential for further growth as the sector expands.

Bergen and Stavanger Heliports:

By enhancing and streamlining operational workflows, it sets a new standard for the industry. Bergen and Stavanger heliports are just the beginning, with potential for further growth as the sector expands.

About Crew Companion:

Crew Companion is the nexus of where safety meets productivity. Designed for operations in harsh conditions and in emergency situations, this scalable and customizable solution offers real-time personnel visibility, emergency mustering, access control, and comprehensive attendance reporting. Its modular design ensures it is flexible and scalable enough to meet the stringent HSE and business requirements of offshore and onshore operations.

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