NBAA Online Magazine Survey Aims to Gather Reader Feedback

April 10, 2024

Business Aviation Insider, the official magazine of NBAA, is offering readers an opportunity to provide direct editorial feedback about the online publication through a quick reader questionnaire.

By taking the 10-minute survey, respondents can help ensure the magazine will continue to provide valuable content, trustworthy expertise and timely best practices to operators and other stakeholders across the business aviation industry. The survey runs through April 19.

Review the Business Aviation Insider survey.

The questionnaire helps NBAA’s editors to gain added insight and guidance from readers about the magazine’s coverage of important business aviation topics such as the workforce, operations, safety, sustainability, technology, industry regulations, legislative activity, advocacy and management.

Respondents will also have a chance to weigh in about feature-length articles and NBAA member profiles that highlight interesting and insightful business aviation operations as they’re practiced across the industry.

Business Aviation Insider has always aimed to be an invaluable resource for the latest best practices and guidelines for safe and effective operations. Learning a little bit about BAI’s audience will help support that goal, in addition to capturing their views on the magazine’s content.

“Having the benefit of data about what readers value in the magazine – as well as how we can make it even better – supports NBAA’s mission to foster an environment that allows business aviation to thrive in the United States and around the world,” said NBAA Managing Editor Thom Patterson. “We’re very grateful to members of the business aviation community who can take a few minutes to help with this project, and briefly share their views with us.

“The dynamic business aviation industry is changing faster than ever before as it faces a challenging workforce environment and legislative attacks in Washington and elsewhere. During these times, it’s incumbent on the magazine to best serve its audience by tracking their evolving wants and needs,” Patterson said. “Opinions gathered from this quick survey will go a long way toward supporting that goal. We thank our readers in advance for sharing their valuable time and feedback.”

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