PRESSURMAXX Type V tanks have landed on the moon.

PRESSURMAXX composite tank that went to the moon.

Space approved tanks can be purchased on earth.

TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2024 / — –SSLC has pioneered the Type V pressure vessel technology and their products have been in use for over 15 years for applications in space and other industries.

On Feb 22, 2024, SSLC’s Type V tanks successfully facilitated the IM-1 lunar mission, providing the Liquid Oxygen/Liquid Methane propellant storage systems for the Nova-C lander.

These tanks are carbon composite unibody constructions, have no liner inside and contain no metals. They are truly one-body, one-material ultralight vessels of enormous strength. They can hold components inside and outside the tank and can save even more mass by serving as the spacecraft main structure.

Markus Rufer, CEO of SSLC, stated:” Although our tanks have been in space before, we are ecstatic about our successful participation in the historic IM-1 lunar mission, for which we provided our Type V tanks for the Liquid Oxygen/Liquid Methane propulsion system of the lander. This is a fully matured technology now. Our vessels carry the NASA designation TRL9”.

The PRESSURMAXX Type V tanks cover a temperature range of -320 deg F to +160 deg F and are compatible with all fluids and gases commonly used in the aerospace industry across a pressure range of up to several thousand psi. They are currently in production and the company offers quick turnaround.

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