Ready Hit Play Brings on Advertising Creative Veteran Guy Seese as a Partner and Executive Creative Director

Ryan Crisman and Guy Seese

Agency creates B2B brand films for disruptive innovators across all sectors with a focus on the emerging trillion-dollar space sector

Many companies feel that their technology alone will lead to success. But that is just one component…If you want to be big, you need to look big.”

— Ryan Crisman

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, November 28, 2023 / — Creative studio Ready Hit Play has hired creative veteran Guy Seese as partner and executive creative director, founder and executive creative producer Ryan Crisman announced today.

A creative force in advertising for decades, Seese has an impressive track record of creating striking visuals with powerful stories, propelling diverse brands from startups to Fortune 500 powerhouses (Nike, Target, Motorola). He joins long-time collaborator Crisman, a seasoned storyteller with a rich background in independent filmmaking, radio broadcasting and global brand marketing.

Prior to Ready Hit Play, Crisman and Seese partnered together to shape the creative vision and communication for major global brands such as Microsoft and Adidas. Together, they saw a need to bring their unique marketing experience to enhance the quality and emotional appeal of disruptive innovation brands, particularly in the rapidly expanding space sector.

Their expertise in this sector comes at a crucial time when space companies need to effectively brand and distinguish themselves from each other.

“Many companies feel that their technology alone will lead to success. But that is just one component. If a new company doesn’t instill confidence, it will lose momentum and fade. If you want to be big, you need to look big,” said Crisman.

“We are not advertising for the masses; sometimes our client’s target audience is just a few people. A few very powerful and influential people who can accelerate a company’s journey,” added Seese.

Ready Hit Play’s current clients include Stoke Space (completed Series B), Starfish Space (completed Series A), and the unicorn startup Remote, an employer-of-record (EOR) service provider offering innovative access to global remote workers. Ready Hit Play aims to expand their clientele by partnering with other innovative companies at the forefront of robotics, new energy, private space stations, asteroid mining, advanced satellite technology and mission-critical assignments for the Moon and Mars.

“Marketing-disruptive innovation companies must reflect the power and uniqueness of their idea and instill confidence that they will deliver,” said Ryan. “The stakes are high. If their vision doesn’t excite and intrigue, it impacts investors, talent and their audience of customers.”

An example of Ready Hit Play’s work includes the film “We are Stoke Space,” which showcases the “fastest-moving rocket company in history,” building a 100% rapidly reusable and redeployable rocket. Ready Hit Play collaborated with the company’s cofounders to craft messaging around their mission.

With no paid media, “We are Stoke Space” had 450K views on Twitter within the first 36 hours, and the company successfully launched their YouTube channel, gaining 20K new subscribers within the first few weeks.

The 3D visualizations and footage that Ready Hit Play developed were used for Stoke’s website, PR and published in media outlets and magazines, garnering national attention with a feature on CNBC’s “Clean Start.”

Visualize Your Genius” is their invitation to partner with disruptive-innovation companies.

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