Sensobright Releases New Tactile Sensor & Smart Surface Development Kits

Sensobright introduces new Tactile Fingertip Sensor & Smart Surface Development Kits, empowering users to explore its advanced tactile sensing tech firsthand.

Before implementing any technology, customers want validation that they’re making the right decision. We’re confident our new development kits provide that validation.”

— Jim Vogt

PORTLAND, OREGON, USA, March 21, 2024 / — Sensobright, a trailblazer in advanced tactile sensing technologies, has unveiled its new Tactile Fingertip Sensor and Smart Surface Development Kits. These cutting-edge development kits are designed to empower prospective customers, engineers, and developers with a suite of unparalleled tools for evaluating Sensobright’s widely applicable technologies.

The debut of the development kits marked a significant leap forward in the company’s quest to become the definitive choice for tactile sensors in automated and AI-driven products and peripherals. By offering comprehensive development kits, Sensobright now provides a tangible opportunity for interested parties to immerse themselves in the technology firsthand, facilitating informed decision-making before full-scale integration into products and applications.

Jim Vogt, CEO of Sensobright, stressed the significance of providing potential users with an accessible platform to interact with Sensobright’s technologies prior to deployment in real-world applications, stating, “Before implementing any technology, customers want validation that they’re making the right decision. We’re confident our new development kits provide that validation and offer an affordable way to interact with our technologies before fully integrating them into end use products.”

Each kit comes equipped with a USB stick containing Sensobright’s sensor software, which runs on both Windows and Linux operating systems. Complimenting the software is a comprehensive user manual outlining step by step setup and calibration procedures, as well as functional descriptions and instructions to provide an intuitive user experience. This holistic approach ensures that users can easily navigate through the functionalities of the kits, enabling efficient evaluation and experimentation.

The kits also showcase the versatility of Sensobright’s tactile sensing technologies in extreme working environments. The Tactile Fingertip Sensor Development Kit demonstrates remarkable immunity to liquids, thriving in highly humid conditions, including underwater operations, and it remains totally unaffected by strong magnetic fields. Such robustness allows users to explore the adaptability of Sensobright’s technologies across diverse scenarios and use cases. The kit also demonstrates exceptional sensitivity and is able to detect minute objects such as sesame seeds, a thread and needle, and delicate fruits (without harming the fruits), providing invaluable insights into real-world applications like gripping for humanoid robotics, robotic fruit picking, and many others.

For those considering integrating Sensobright’s tactile sensor and Smart Surface technologies into their products, these kits offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for comprehensive pre-integration testing. For instance, a prospective customer evaluating Sensobright’s tactile sensor technologies for integration in a robotic gripper could leverage the Tactile Fingertip Sensor Development Kit to conduct extensive tests on the sensor’s interactions with various objects. Similarly, both the Tactile Fingertip Sensor Development Kit and the Smart Surface Development Kit are engineered to deliver both raw data and meaningful data, allowing users to explore the potential of harnessing this information in AI powered applications.

Furthermore, both kits offer customizable sensitivity and resolution, which enables users to fine-tune the parameters according to their unique requirements.

Prof. Dr. Utku Buyuksahin, Founder & CTO of Sensobright, highlighted the kits’ adaptability, stating, “Given our collaboration with clients across various industries, we understand that each sector has unique evaluation requirements. We designed these kits to be tunable, ensuring they address diverse customer interests in our technologies, and we have a great deal of additional flexibility to further customize the final form factor, sensitivity, and other specs of each application where our technologies are integrated.”

For those interested in acquiring a Tactile Fingertip Sensor Development Kit or Smart Surface Development Kit, or interested in a live demo, inquiries can be made directly through Sensobright’s website at the following address:

Joseph Carroll
+1 415-799-9208
email us here

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