Tropical Weather Analytics and Phantom Space Partner on Hurricane Hunter Satellite Constellation

An artist’s depiction of a pair of 12U Hurricane Hunter Satellites designed to provide high-resolution stereographic imagery from orbit. Such images can be used to accurately derive cloud altitudes and 3D winds. (Phantom Space)

BROOKLINE, MA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2023 / — Tropical Weather Analytics, Inc. (TWA), with a revolutionary 3D measurement capability for improved hurricane forecasting and weather intelligence, is announcing a strategic partnership with Phantom Space Corporation (Phantom) to design, manufacture, launch, and operate its Hurricane Hunter Satellite Constellation. This landmark collaboration signifies a groundbreaking step in reducing the economic and human costs of extreme weather events which are rapidly increasing due to climate change.

The partnership marks the culmination of over a decade of research, including a five-year mission (CyMISS) carried out on the International Space Station which validated and refined TWA’s 3D measuring technique. Investments totaling over $200M from DoD and NASA helped make this unique, improved weather forecasting technology possible.

The Hurricane Hunter Satellite constellation will provide unprecedented 3D spatial resolution and revisit rate (5 times per day) on a global scale. Critical gaps in hurricane and weather observations, such as the polar regions, jet streams, and open ocean will be addressed by the Hurricane Hunter Satellite constellation. The data and imagery will considerably improve current forecast models.

Phantom was chosen by TWA for its engineering team’s decades of experience and proven track-record in rocket and satellite manufacturing. Together, the two companies are set to pioneer a new era in meteorological satellite technology.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Phantom Space on this ambitious venture,” said A.T. Stair, CEO of TWA. “The accuracy of weather forecasts and the ability to predict hurricanes’ behavior earlier and with more precision are essential for safeguarding lives and property. We believe that by joining forces with Phantom, we can take a giant leap toward achieving these goals and better protecting vulnerable communities and mitigating the impact of climate change.”

Phantom is well-equipped for this partnership, bringing a robust responsive-launch business model as well as integrated small satellite technology and constellation management approach.

Jim Cantrell, CEO of Phantom Space, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are excited to collaborate with TWA in creating the Hurricane Hunter Satellite Constellation. Our team is committed to leveraging our extensive experience to develop and launch a reliable and advanced satellite constellation. This partnership exemplifies our mission to provide innovative solutions that address pressing global challenges.”

The collaboration between TWA and Phantom Space Corp represents a giant step toward improving the monitoring and prediction of hurricanes, wildfires and extreme weather; ultimately fostering safer and more resilient communities worldwide.

About Tropical Weather Analytics, Inc.

Tropical Weather Analytics, Inc. is a weather intelligence company dedicated to improving weather forecasts to reduce the human and economic costs of routine and extreme weather. Offering a unique, space-proven 3D measuring technology that measures global wind and cloud coverage at unprecedented resolution and scale, the company’s Hurricane Hunter Satellite constellation will fight Climate Change from space by providing earlier, more accurate and more reliable forecasts and prediction models. To learn more visit or for direct media and commercial inquires contact Dan Harkins at [email protected].

About Phantom Space

Founded by inventors and entrepreneurs Jim Cantrell and Michael D’Angelo, Phantom Space Corporation is a space transportation company democratizing space access by mass manufacturing launch vehicles, satellites, and space propulsion systems. Phantom’s vision is to become the “Henry Ford of Space Transportation” through the opportunity to mass manufacture and launch 100s of rockets—a 100% US-controlled and operated enterprise headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, with multiple launch operations centers. Learn more at For more information, please contact Phantom at [email protected].

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