94-Year-Old Author Dr. Angie McCartney Releases Limited Edition Coffee Table Book “There Are Faces I Remember”

There Are Faces I Remember front cover by Shannon

Featured Faces of the 168 in There Are Faces I Remember Book

Featured Faces of the 168 in There Are Faces I Remember Book by Dr. Angie McCartney

Digital Painting of Sir Elton John by Ruth McCartney

Digital Painting of Sir Elton John by Ruth McCartney featured in “There Are Faces I Remember”

This exquisite LIMITED EDITION boxed book is a visual tribute to the iconic faces of the ’60s including The Beatles

I have been blessed to have met such incredible people along the long and winding road in my life.”

— Dr. Angie McCartney

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Angie McCartney, Liverpool native and a distinguished 94-year-old author, proudly announces the release of her latest limited edition coffee table book titled “There Are Faces I Remember.” Published by Imagine & Wonder, this exquisite book is a visual tribute to the iconic faces of the ’60s and beyond, featuring a unique collection of portraits and personal anecdotes.

Alongside the stories, narrative, anecdotes (and in some cases “Fab 5 Questionnaire” answers) in this captivating book also features a series of unique digital paintings by Ruth McCartney (Angie’s daughter), of each member of the legendary Fab 4 – John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr, plus 164 other people, family members, pop culture icons such as John Cleese and Richard Branson, as well as many celebrity Beatle fans Angie has met along her long and winding road.

In addition, the stunning cover for both the box and hardback volume were hand-crafted by world-famous artist Shannon MacDonald, adding a touch of artistic brilliance to Dr. McCartney’s whimsical stroll from Penny Lane down Memory Lane.

“There Are Faces I Remember” is a treasure trove for fans of the ’60s pop culture scene. The book showcases a visual cast of 168 celebrities and ’60s pop stars, including not only the Fab 4 but also their managers Brian Epstein and producer George Martin, Press Officer Derek Taylor, Neil Aspinall, and a host of other luminaries from Billy Preston to Rod Stewart, Petula Clark to Annie Lennox, as well as family members, authors, journalists, and fans. The book even features a memorable encounter with former President Bill Clinton.

Each one of the 1001 only books comes with a signed (by Angie and Ruth) 8×10 photo taken in 1967 and a numbered QR code, and three lucky winners holding the numbers 9, 64 and 71 are eligible to come forward and claim a special prize of Mrs. McCartney’s Teas, Mrs. McCartney’s CBD, a signed copy of her other books “Ticket To Ride” and “Mrs. McCartney Liverpool Limericks and Other Random Irish Haikus” as well as a personal AMA Zoom with Angie & Ruth.

Dr. Angie McCartney’s six decades of experiences in “Fabland” come to life through engaging stories and personal anecdotes, offering readers a unique perspective on the Beatles and their extended circle. Accompanying each portrait is a digital artistic impression meticulously created by daughter Ruth, known as the Digital Diva, showcasing her Illustrator and Photoshop skills in bringing these personalities to vivid life on the pages of the book, in varying appropriate visual styles.

The book also integrates innovative McCartney Multimedia “SmartBookQR” technology, allowing readers to delve deeper into the stories, artworks, and additional video content related to many of the featured personalities. This blend of art, storytelling, and technology makes “There Are Faces I Remember” a truly one-of-a-kind literary and visual experience.

“I have been blessed to have met such incredible people in my life” said Dr. Ange from her home at the beach in Los Angeles “and now with all these new-fangled tools, my son-in-law Martin and daughter Ruth have been able to create a multi-generational experience for Baby Boomers to share the story of the Fabs with their grandkids in an interactive fashion.”

Dr. Angie McCartney’s book is now available for purchase at https://therearefacesiremember.com, offering fans and collectors the opportunity to own a piece of musical and cultural history in this beautifully crafted limited edition.

About Dr. Angie McCartney:
Dr. Angie McCartney is a renowned author and personality with a rich history of experiences in the world of music and entertainment. With a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for art, Dr. McCartney continues to captivate audiences with her unique perspective and vibrant creations.

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Dr Angie McCartney Unboxing her latest book ” There Are Faces I Remember”

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