A new genre of therapeutic gaming: Levelling up children and young people’s mental health

Mental health problems account for 23% of the burden of disease on the UK, but spending on mental health services represents only 13.8% of the NHS budget

A mother wearing a hijab comforts her young daughter. They embrace in a hug both with sad looks on their faces. A quote reads "Just 6% of mental health spending by ICBs (Integrated care boards) is applied to CYP (children and young people), when we know t

Just 6% of mental health spending by ICBs (Integrated care boards) is applied to CYP (children and young people), when we know that a very significant proportion of mental health problems start in childhood.

A young child sits hugging her knees, looking worried and sad. A quote reads "Children in the poorest areas at 10x more likely to be in care". The bottom left corner has a logo for BFB Labs

Children in the poorest areas at 10x more likely to be in care

Can mobile gaming close the equity gap on access to child and youth mental health services?

“We have a responsibility to reach the underserved and help bridge inequity for minority communities”.”

— Manjul Rathee, CEO at BFB Labs

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a pioneering collaboration, the Devon Partnership NHS Trust, alongside Children & Family Health Devon and BFB Labs, have introduced ‘Lumi Nova: Tales of Courage’ to local families in a ground breaking approach to disrupting the cycle of inequality in access to timely mental health support.

This innovative digital therapy is transforming the landscape of mental health support for children and young people (CYP) aged 7-12 facing anxiety, fears and worries, offering a beacon of hope for improved accessibility and effectiveness.

Addressing the Urgent Need

Faced with the pressing challenge of providing accessible and effective mental health solutions for CYPs dealing with anxiety, Lumi Nova offers an evidence-based digital therapy combining the gold standard of treatment, psychoeducation and exposure therapy, through a mobile-gaming platform. Supporting CYP aged 7-12 with mild to moderate anxiety, Lumi Nova is an award-winning, NICE-recommended and MHRA-registered digital therapeutic, providing a safe, non-stigmatising, effective, and cost-efficient solution.

A Struggle Against Poverty and Limited Resources

With over 4.2 million CYP in the UK experiencing poverty, contributing to mental health issues, the need for effective interventions is critical. Lumi Nova was strategically introduced in Devon, where child poverty rates recently soared to 33.3%, leaving 70% of CYP without adequate mental health support.

Overcoming Barriers with Digital Innovation

Provided by practitioners and available for self-referral, Lumi Nova ensured immediate access to high-quality intervention. The digital therapy, developed by BFB Labs and co-created with clinicians, experts and parents and CYP with lived experiences of anxiety, demonstrated remarkable results in just three weeks.

The Lumi Nova pilot showcased impressive outcomes, with 98% of CYP engaging in the intervention and significant clinical impact observed within just five weeks. The project also achieved economic savings of approximately £301,502 in just three months, emphasising the cost-effectiveness of digital interventions, and the implications wider availability could present to an already burdened and underfunded National Health Service.

A Blueprint for the Future of Mental Health Care

Lumi Nova’s success in high-deprivation areas like Barnstaple and Ilfracombe sets a benchmark for using digital interventions in mental health support. The case study underscores the potential of digital therapeutics to break down barriers, support all children, provide early intervention, reduce wait times, and offer economic benefits to service providers.

“We have a responsibility to reach the underserved and help bridge inequity for minority communities. The potential is great, not only for the transformation of mental health support for children but as a roadmap for the future of all mental health care. ” – Manjul Rathee, CEO at BFB Labs

By targeting hard-to-reach groups and offering an engaging digital solution, Lumi Nova paves the way for a more inclusive, accessible, and economically viable approach to child and youth mental health.

For more details about this case study, read the accompanying white paper ‘Levelling up children and young people’s mental health: Can digital therapeutics break the cycle of inequality?’

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