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Connecting Artists and Art Lovers in New and Innovative Ways

TACOMA, WASHINGTON, USA, April 17, 2024 / — Barlow Gallery, a dynamic new retail art space in the heart of downtown, together with its much larger virtual gallery, is set to open on April 24th. With a fresh approach to showcasing artists, the gallery aims to revolutionize the way people who appreciate art can discover, explore, and acquire works online. Barlow Gallery aims to inspire the art scene after so many small galleries went dark and disappeared during the Covid pandemic over the past several years.

Barlow Gallery’s new, innovative software platform provides a more interactive shopping experience—with stories on the artists and their perspectives, virtual-reality previews of installed art, and configurable print offerings on a variety of mediums like metal, canvas, acrylic or paper.

The Fusion of Retail and Online Art Sales —

Barlow Gallery will feature an expanding collection of artworks by talented people not only from the Northwest, but from a growing global community as well. The gallery’s online platform takes the customer experience to a whole new level, where visitors can discover an extensive, curated selection of works from new artists and shop with new tools. 51% of small galleries worldwide reported last year that the online buyers they engaged were entirely new to their business.1

For Artists: A New Customer Connection Hub —

Artists and photographers will find that Barlow Gallery offers new opportunities to connect with customers in novel ways. Understanding that artists are rarely tech or marketing experts, the gallery takes over the complexity of managing e-commerce and digital promotion to bring their work and stories to more people.

“Like other small businesses, art galleries struggled during the Covid pandemic, and many didn’t survive,” said Gary Wagner, a renowned landscape photographer based in Northern California (, who is also showcased at Barlow Gallery. “Artists have been used to paying for gallery memberships, wall space or exhibitions to get their work in front of customers—but without having sophisticated marketing or Internet expertise to sell online as well. Rather than spending time and effort finding customers, it’s more important for artists to focus instead on creativity and the development of their art.”

Here’s how Barlow Gallery is changing the status quo for artists —

1. A New Sales Channel: Barlow Gallery represents a new location for artists and photographers to showcase their talents, connect with customers, and sell their work. The gallery handles all the technical aspects of delivering an interactive e-commerce experience, so they can focus instead on producing more artwork. Whether they’re an emerging talent or an established creator, the gallery’s platform is open to artists of all mediums.

2. Better Storytelling and Marketing: Barlow Gallery believes that Every person has a story®, as well as every piece of art. The gallery provides artists with new means to share their narratives, creativity, and visual imaginations with the world. Additional marketing efforts help them reach a wider audience through social media campaigns and invitations to give talks and do webinars.

3. Personalized URLs: Each artist at Barlow Gallery gets a personalized internet URL to serve as a direct link to their story and artwork (e.g., “”), allowing them to independently promote their business, and customers to explore their work for sale more quickly.

4. Non-Exclusive Consignment Agreements: While many legacy galleries employ exclusive representation and consignment contracts, Barlow Gallery offers a low-friction partnership without financial barriers or restrictions. The only costs for artists are standard gallery commissions when work ultimately sells. This cooperative relationship empowers artists to explore other business opportunities while still benefiting from the gallery’s unique platform.

Barlow Gallery is more than an art gallery—it’s a new creative hub to bridge artists and art lovers by celebrating human expression. In the process, the online art buying experience has been retooled and updated as well. Visit for the full experience, beginning April 24th.

Media Contact: Ron Stevenson, Mobile (509) 426-4490, [email protected]

Every person has a story®, is a registered trademark of Story View LLC dba Barlow Gallery.
1. Artsy. “Four Insights on Small Galleries in 2023”, July 19, 2023, Arun Kakar.

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