Revolutionizes Florida’s Used Car Market Amidst Unprecedented Demand


Revolutionizing Car Appraisals in Florida

TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, August 17, 2023/ — In a time when the automotive industry is undergoing radical shifts, is redefining how car appraisals are done. With a recent re-launch in the booming Florida market, the platform provides an innovative solution for acquiring third-party inventory and a cutting-edge approach to lead generation.

A New Landscape in the Used Car Market

According to recent statistics, the availability of late-model used cars priced under $20,000 has seen a sharp decline from roughly 49% in 2019 to a mere 12.5% in 2023. The post-pandemic era has ushered in a unique used car market, with demand soaring to unprecedented heights. Dealerships are in dire need of effective tools and platforms to streamline processes, obtain inventory, and serve consumers better.

Introducing A Solution for Consumers and Dealerships addresses these challenges head-on, empowering consumers to effortlessly obtain online appraisals from local dealers. “The days of driving from one dealership to another for car appraisals are over,” says Bill Carrozza, founder, and CEO. “ transforms the car appraisal experience, aligning it with both consumer expectations and market demands. The value of your vehicle extends beyond just its Kelley Blue Book estimation. It encompasses much more than that.”

Digital Transformation: How Fits Into The Larger Picture

The automotive industry has been at the forefront of digital transformation, and the rise of platforms like represents a significant step towards aligning traditional practices with modern technology.

1. Remote Accessibility and Flexibility:

“Trade Your Car from Your Couch!” is more than just a slogan; it’s a reflection of the shift towards remote accessibility and flexibility that characterizes the modern automotive market. By allowing consumers to handle trade-ins and appraisals from the comfort of their homes, caters to a new generation of tech-savvy customers who value convenience.

2. Data-Driven Insights:

In an era where data is king, leverages real-time data to facilitate efficient and accurate bidding processes. By connecting dealers and customers seamlessly, the platform exemplifies how technology can drive transparency and competitiveness in the market.

3. Eco-Friendly Approach:

The digital transformation also hints at a more eco-friendly approach, reducing the need for physical visits and paper-based processes. It signifies a commitment to sustainability that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers.

4. Enhancing Customer Experience:

By simplifying the traditionally complex process of car appraisals and trade-ins, enhances the customer experience. This alignment with customer expectations is crucial in building trust and loyalty in an increasingly competitive market.

Streamlining the Bidding Process: A Win-Win for All

The platform’s user-friendly interface allows shoppers to receive competitive bids from up to five local dealerships, all in real-time. Once a consumer submits their vehicle’s information, with or without pictures, dealerships can promptly assess and place their bids, all with zero obligation for either party. This seamless process benefits dealers in acquiring valuable leads and inventory, and consumers in securing competitive offers without the traditional hassles.

Embracing Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry

With the post-pandemic landscape reshaping consumer behaviors and market dynamics, platforms like are poised to lead the automotive industry’s digital transformation.

Dealerships interested in staying ahead of the curve and embracing this innovative platform can visit or send an email to [email protected] for more information. To see a video of their latest TV commercial, visit

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Geoblitz Marketing boasts a well-established history of over 15 years in the automotive marketing sector. With expertise in both digital and event-based direct marketing, Geoblitz has consistently delivered exceptional solutions for auto dealers and retailers.

Moving beyond conventional marketing practices, Geoblitz harnesses cutting-edge technology to decipher customer behavior and elevate marketing approaches. Their unwavering dedication to innovation empowers clients with actionable insights, resulting in a direct and positive influence on ROI.

In their latest endeavor, such as, Geoblitz persists in reshaping the industry landscape, enhancing consumer convenience and elevating the car appraisal experience.

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