Black-Owned Firms Bob Tech and Urban Wealth Management Group Launch AI-Powered Smart Savvy Women Investment Portfolio

Empowering Women in Leadership Through Advanced AI Investment Strategies: A Milestone Collaboration Between Black-Owned Companies

EL SEGUNDO, CA, USA, April 22, 2024 / — In a landmark partnership, Bob Technologies and Urban Wealth Management Group LLC, both black-owned businesses, have introduced the AI-powered Smart Savvy Women Investment Portfolio (SSW). This innovative venture is a significant stride towards promoting gender diversity and leadership in the US public sector, leveraging advanced artificial intelligence to make it happen.

The SSW portfolio offers two distinct investment models: the SSW Moderate Portfolio and the SSW Aggressive Portfolio. Designed to support and promote Women in leadership roles across industries, these portfolios aim to provide substantial financial growth opportunities while emphasizing female leadership’s vital role in advancing social progress and spurring innovation.

Anthony Buchanan, Founder, and CEO of Bob Technologies, shared his excitement about the collaboration, “As a black-owned enterprise, we are ecstatic to work alongside the Urban Wealth Management Group, LLC to harness our AI solutions, highlighting the importance of Women-led companies. This partnership embodies our commitment to creating measurable and sustainable social impact. We aim to foster a more inclusive and equitable corporate sphere by facilitating investments in these enterprises.”

Rene Nourse, Founder, CEO, Wealth Advisor, and CFP® for Urban Wealth Management Group, conveyed her vision for the partnership: “Our unwavering commitment at Urban Wealth Management Group. LLC has always been to uplift Women in leadership positions. The Smart Savvy Women Investment Portfolio represents this dedication. Collaborating with Bob Technologies, another black-owned firm, strengthens our capability to bolster Women-led businesses, empowering our investors to help pave the way for a future dominated by smart, savvy women leaders.”

The SSW Aggressive Portfolio is particularly focused on companies with solid Female leadership, aiming for growth and innovation with a blend of 98% Equities and 2% Cash. Meanwhile, the SSW Moderate Portfolio targets investing in Women-led companies that merge financial expertise with sustainable growth, maintaining a balance of 78% Equities, 20% Fixed Income, and 2% Cash.

This collaboration between Bob Technologies and the Urban Wealth Management Group, dedicated to creating measurable and sustainable social impact, marks a critical step toward transforming industries and fostering a world where investments significantly contribute to social progress and gender equality.

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About Bob Technologies: Bob Technologies, a cutting-edge Social Impact Technology Company, is shaping an equitable future through innovative tech. We deliver sustainable, measurable social impact by providing organizations with advanced solutions and insights to execute and measure social impact. Our approach involves empowering people of color to invest in the stock market. We are committed to bridging the gap between technology and social equity, incorporating social impact into our core ethos. With Bob Technologies, the journey toward social change is clear and quantifiable. Together, let’s utilize technology for profound societal transformation.

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About Urban Wealth Management Group: Urban Wealth Management Group is an all-Women, black-owned Investment Management and Financial Planning firm dedicated to advancing Women in leadership roles. Focusing on astute investing and a commitment to social progress, the firm aims to empower female investors to use their investments to drive change and success in industries led by intelligent, savvy women.
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