Delphi Lights Releases Debut Single ‘Liminal Bridges’
Delphi Lights Releases Debut Single ‘Liminal Bridges’

Delphi Lights Album Art

Darren Long of Delphi LIghts

Darren Long of Delphi LIghts

Calgary Based Band Delphi Lights Releases Debut Single “Liminal Bridges”

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, June 14, 2024 / — Exciting news for music lovers as Calgary based band Delphi Lights announces the release of their debut single “Liminal Bridges” on June 14th. The highly anticipated single will be available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Delphi Lights, an alternative rock band comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist, Darren Long, has been working tirelessly on his debut single, which promises to be a powerful and emotional journey for listeners.

“Liminal Bridges” “I wrote most of the music for Liminal Bridges around 13 years ago. I remember it vividly. I was playing around one night, on the electric guitar, after work in the hotel room. I was working around Dawson Creek, at the time. It was beautiful summer night. I think the main guitar riff kind of has this summer vibe to it.
The words came a few years later when I started to put the song together. The lyrics are mostly about coming into a transitional stage in one’s journey through the human experience. A sort of self-realization like; “What am I doing?” In this slacker/apathetic sort of way. The vocal melody came quite naturally on this one. Which can be a rarity, in my experience.” says Darren Long

The single is a perfect representation of Delphi Lights’ signature sound. The band hopes that the song will resonate with listeners and leave a lasting impact.

“I’m beyond excited to release my debut single ‘Liminal Bridges’ to the world and I can’t wait for people to hear it. I hope that the song will inspire and connect with people on a deeper level,” says lead vocalist Darren Long.

Fans and music enthusiasts can mark their calendars for June 14th to listen to “Liminal Bridges” on their preferred streaming platform. With their debut single, Delphi Lights is ready to make their mark in the music industry and establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Follow the band on social media for updates and be sure to tune in to their single release on June 14th.

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