FREE Dental Clinic in San Jose for Everyone 5/19-5/21 – Silicon Valley Healthy Smiles

Pro bono dental services for everyone

FREE three day dental clinic by Silicon Valley Health Smiles sponsored by Santa Clara County Dental Foundation.

SAN JOSE, CA, USA, May 19, 2023/ — The San Jose Convention Center will be transformed into Silicon Valley Healthy Smiles, for a two-day FREE dental clinic on Saturday and Sunday, May 20-21, sponsored by the Santa Clara County Dental Foundation.

The 100-chair clinic will provide pro bono dental care to an expected 1,500 low or no income, uninsured or insured Santa Clara County residents. The Foundation’s mission is to increase the overall health of individuals and families by eliminating infection and relieving pain.

“Santa Clara County is overwhelmed by the unmet dental needs; there are not enough providers to meet the demand. Poor oral health leads to a myriad of negative academic, physical, socio-emotional, and economic consequences, ” said Dr. John Pisacane, President of the Santa Clara County Dental Foundation.

The Foundation (SCCDF) is dedicated to increasing access to dental care for Santa Clara County residents. They do this by providing resources and funding for programs operated by volunteer dentists from the Santa Clara County Dental Society (SCCDS).

There is no cost for services provided at the event.

County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Mary Ann Dewan, Ph. D. said, “Poor oral health affects children’s overall health, engagement in learning, school attendance, and their academic performance. This event is an opportunity for all family members to get the care that they need and support oral health for their children.”

The Foundation needs to raise $400,000 to cover the costs of this event. The funding covers the cost of materials, equipment, the Convention Center, food, and more. The clinic is completely run by volunteer dentists and community members.

Dr. Ken Wallis, the SVHS Committee Chair shared that “cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals, stay plates and dentures will be available at the clinic and patients will be connected to an ongoing source of dental care.”

There are no qualifiers to be able to receive FREE dental care (income, residency, etc.) at this clinic. People looking for dental services can show up and wait in line on the dates below. Dentists and dental assistants volunteers are needed.

“The community must work together to ensure that low-income residents, including the un-or-underinsured, and Medi-Cal members have equitable access to the dental care they need when they need it, where they need it, and how they need it,” said Dr. Steve Beveridge, Executive Director of the SCCDF.

The SCC Dental Foundation is also issuing a “Call for Community Volunteers” to help with a myriad of non-dental duties on Saturday and/or Sunday. Volunteers can sign-up online at

Take a look at the campaign video:


Friday, May 19, 2023, 2 PM – 5 PM

(Patients will be pre-screened to return on Saturday, 5/20 for treatment)

Saturday, May 20, 2023, 6 AM – 4 PM

Sunday, May 21, 2023, 6 AM – 3 PM

WHERE: San Jose Convention Center, South Hall (big, blue tent)

435 South Market St., San Jose, CA 95113

For more information visit

Media Contacts:

Erin Jang, Project Coordinator, PRxDigital: Phone 847-287-5515 [email protected]

Brenna Bolger, CEO, PRxDigital: Phone: 408-838-6673 Email address: [email protected]

Name: Robyn Alongi, Silicon Valley Healthy Smiles, Phone: 916-798-1069

Note to Press – The following people are available to interview:

Stephen Beveridge, DDS, 408-455-2571, Executive Director, Santa Clara County Dental Fdn., Email: [email protected]

John Pisacane, DMD, 408-691-8001, President, Santa Clara County Dental Fdn., Email: [email protected]

Ken Wallis, DDS, 408-406-3077, SVHS Committee Chair, Email: [email protected]

Erin Beveridge, DDS, 408-660-0942, Email: [email protected]

Dr. Mary Ann Dewan, Ph. D. Santa Clara County Superintendent of Schools

+1 847-287-5515
[email protected]

FREE Dental Clinic in San Jose for Everyone – Silicon Valley Health Smiles

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