Games of my Street by Paulo Chemane
Games of my Street by Paulo Chemane

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TOMAH, WISCONSIN, USA, August 11, 2023/ —


This is a family book based on children’s games, songs, and tales from the streets of Maputo Mozambique. To encourage children to play outdoor games. It is the simple pleasure of play. It is about children being free, its joy, laughter, and community. Boys and girls used to gather from sunrise to sunset, sharing games and telling stories. These games are now getting lost. Stories and songs are being forgotten over time. The games, songs, and tools used to bring us together. We shared with so much passion. learning from one another while having fun, making rules, and overcoming the challenges that may arise. This is a reminder of how precious it is to play, unplug and be one with nature, and sharing songs and stories. These are so similar around the world. This book is so nostalgic, where parents can see themselves as young children playing those games. They can teach their own children, creating a family moment of joy, fun, and laughter. The benefits of playing outdoor games are endless, instead of being trapped indoors for hours playing video games – which can lead to health issues of obesity and cardiac problems. Children of today do not have the freedom to play and be just children. The simple fun is so good for the little humans’ bodies, minds, and souls. It starts with all of us, in the community to make this world a better place for children to grow up in. To be in touch with nature, to be free, happy, and healthy.


Paulo was born and raised in Mozambique, and now resides in Australia. He follows his creative desire with his two daughters Nyla and Zindzi. His daughter inspired him to write this book as he heard her saying “I am bored”. That word really get on his head, as he never heard that word from any child growing up. They were always too busy having fun and playing outdoor games. Thus, he decided to write about those games that he used to play when he was their age. He can teach them and they can play together and share with children around the world.

Paulo Chemane previously had a radio interview with America Tonight with Kate Delaney, and a TV interview in Mozambique STV. Recently, he had an interview with Logan Crawford on Spotlight TV Network through this link, Also, you may check his book on Amazon through this link,

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Games of My Street – on Spotlight with Logan Crawford

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