General Public: ‘AI Likely to Help Us Someday, but Today Companies Use It to Cut Jobs’

Awareness of Artificial Intelligence is high, but the public sees little customer-service benefit so far from AI assistants

People want effortless problem resolution and are skeptical if AI assistants will provide it. But many are optimistic that AI may help them receive better service.”

— Callvu Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Ori Faran

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2024 / — During the next five years, 28% of Americans believe Artificial Intelligence will make their lives worse — but 36% believe AI will improve their lives. That said, 57% of respondents believe that the primary reason companies are adding AI experiences like chatbots and voice assistants to customer service is not to improve service but to save money by cutting jobs. Those are a few findings of a new consumer survey of attitudes toward AI and customer service released today by leading CX automation company Callvu.

The study, which solicited views from a national sample of 594 American adults, revealed high awareness of the rise of Artificial Intelligence — 86% of respondents had seen press coverage or social-media posts about it in the past six months — and mixed feelings about its likely impact. Of greatest relevance for companies: at this point, the public expects few benefits to themselves from AI-enhanced customer service.

The report showed that customers are skeptical about AI assistants’ ability to solve their problems quickly and easily. While many companies are deploying AI assistants to reduce customer wait times, 81% of respondents said they would rather wait to speak with a live person than use one.

“While AI assistants are making extraordinary advances, most people are far from excited about them replacing human agents,” said Callvu Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Ori Faran. “What people really want is effortless problem resolution, and they are skeptical if AI assistants will provide it. Nevertheless, many consumers are optimistic that AI may help them receive better service. They would love for AI to help them perform mundane tasks like logging into accounts, auto-filling forms, warning of potential future issues, and providing help when they get off track in self-service experiences.”

Other customer-service highlights from the study:

● 65% of Americans believe that humans understand complex problems better than AI
● 55% would rather vent their frustrations to a person than to a bot
● 54% say humans are better at solving their problems in one call
● Nearly half — 47% — would rather receive a self-service form via a text link than engage with an AI assistant
● An equal number — 47% again — say interacting with a live human agent offers greater security and privacy protection
● AI assistants hold an edge over humans in answering simple questions quickly, with accuracy, and with patience

The public did, however, show a strong appetite for AI tools that simplify many manual tasks:

● 70% would welcome AI tools that warn about deadlines and potential problems
● 68% would value AI-driven suggestions on how to save money or get better service
● 66% would like AI helper tools that answer questions if they get stuck using self-service experiences

Additional insights are available in the report, which is available for free download:

This news appeared first in Fast Company:

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