Health, Happiness & Destiny Explored in Relation to Current Events and Bible by Dr. Richard Ruhling

Richard Ruhling’s “How It All Ends” series

Dr. Richard Ruhling, Author

Richard Ruhling is an author of a dozen books offering insight to current events and prophetic history that is repeating in our time.

God reveals (Amos 3:7), quake hints Christ’s return (Amos), after Muslim Jerusalem (Zech 14:1,2), divine roar (Joel 3:16), echoes Luke’s wedding parable.”

— Richard Ruhling

RIMROCK, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2024 / — Richard Ruhling is a retired physician who was board-certified in Internal Medicine before teaching Health Science at Loma Linda University, a community featured in the National Geographic cover story, The Secrets of Living Longer, Nov, 2005. His school got a grant for $40 Million to learn why Seventh-day Adventists live about 7 years longer than other non-smoking groups.

Ruhling stated that it was because of the writings of the founder, Ellen White, who was a century ahead of her time on numerous issues. She wrote that tobacco is a malignant poison in 1864, 100 years before the US Surgeon General connected malignant tumors with cigarette smoking in 1964.

Ruhling cites Clive McCay, former Professor of Nutrition at Cornell University who was amazed that White didn’t incorporate the fads and fallacies of her day and summarized his review of White’s writings to say “there is no better overall guide available today” (published circa 1960 but still true according to Ruhling, offering a sample link:

Ruhling says, “Medical care is not healthcare. It is the diagnosis and treatment of disease, usually with prescription drugs that have become a leading cause of illness and death from Adverse Drug Reactions cited by the Journal of American Medical Assoc, 4-15-1998. It reported 106,000 deaths in hospitals—the definition of an ADR is “properly prescribed (not a bad Rx) and not overdosed.

Healthcare is based on healthy habits, like abstaining from addictive substances and high fat, cholesterol and sugary foods. Exercise is important. It helps us get fresh air, sunlight—we sleep better and cope with stress better when we balance our mental attitude with things of nature.

Ruhling notes that cuts, burns or broken bones mend—God designed the body for self-healing, but it works best if we give the body the building blocks that He intended, as provided fruits, nuts, whole grains and vegetables. Harmony with the laws in nature help us while avoiding addictive habits is a major part of true healthcare, and a doctor in a busy practice of medicine doesn’t have time to talk about this with a full waiting room. This is why Ruhling says medical care is not health care.

Just as healthy habits reward us with better health, obedience to moral laws results in better relationships and a happier life. If we sense an obligation to help others by giving value in exchange for their time, we are happier than if we try to get the maximum in our exchanges. We aren’t happy people if we lie, cheat or steal.

Ruhling’s book, “Health, Happiness & Destiny,” delves into the principles that bring fulfillment to life, and he cites, Dr. Hans Selye, Father of our modern stress theory who said that gratitude is the most healing of our emotions. Ruhling believes that gratitude to our Creator for the computer between our ears and a body that heals itself if we live according to His wise guidelines is a key to destiny beyond this life.

Ruhling is in great health at 82 and his experience is that God loves us all, and He doesn’t ask anything that isn’t for our good.” If we seek to serve God and others, He will reward us with an opportunity to do so forever, but if we are bent on doing our own thing, Ruhling wonders why He would want a replay of Lucifer’s rebellion in heaven.

The author predicted war with Iraq before 9-11, based on Daniel’s vision of a ram/goat conflict in his 8th chapter. The horns on the ram are the kings of Media and Persia (verse 20) but those areas are now Iraq and Iran. Iran has been funding Hamas and Hezbollah against Israel and it’s not hard to see that as the next war for US if they attack Israel, Zechariah 14.

God “declares the end from the beginning” and in the book of beginnings, we see the ram’s first horn caught in a bush, Genesis 22:13. George Bush caught the first horn. If that seems like just an odd coincidence, in the 2nd conflict, the goat has a great horn that breaks the ram’s horn. In Bible times, they cut off a horn to make a trumpet. The great horn may be Trump–it makes the goat (US) great, in Daniel 8:8. It has been argued that Trump’s greatest credential for November would be his ability as Commander & Chief. In spite of many efforts to get rid of him, Trump is still there. (

Motivational speakers say high reward and fear of loss are the two greatest motivators. Christ put them both in His wedding parable (Luke 12:44,48), but those wedding parables imply that we don’t understand them…Even the wise women who got in the wedding were asleep with lights out in Matthew 25. Ruhling’s book, The Earthquake & 7 Seals explains 7 topics relevant to a covenant that we can make, like Abraham who offered 7 ewe lambs in a covenant for a water well in Genesis 21.

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