Hugues Sanon honors Rev Leecroft Clarke, Rev Early Waller/ 7 other Black Pastors of Chautauqua County at VIP Breakfast.

Ambassador Hugues Sanon made a second visit to Dunkirk to honor Rev. Early Waller’s 60 years of community service to the city of Dunkirk and Fredonia, NY

My mission as a Global Peace Ambassador is to contribute to the strengthening of diverse communities at the local, national and global levels so that we may have a peaceful world”

— Dr. Hugues Sanon

DUNKIRK NY , NEW YORK , USA, September 12, 2023/ — As part of his mission to contribute to the strengthening of diverse communities at the local, national and global levels, Global Peace Ambassador Hugues Sanon hosted a group of black pastors from Chautauqua County on Wednesday, September 6, 2023 during a VIP breakfast at his residence to discuss the various concerns and challenges facing the county’s black community.

The following pastors attended this VIP breakfast prepared by the ambassador’s wife, Emmanuella, COJEP representative to the UN: From South County: Bishop Clarke, Bishop Uvie Stewart, Rev. Reggie Smith, Rev. Chloe Smith, Rev. Leroy Walker, Rev. Mary Ann Battle and From North County: Rev. Early Waller, Rev. Minnie DeBose and Minister Sandra Lewis.

After an hour of discussion on various issues of concerns, Ambassador Hugues Sanon took a moment to congratulate Rev. Leecroft Clarke as an outstanding leader and, on behalf of COJEP presented him with the Medal of Merit and a “ Special Award” in the presence of 7 other fellow pastors for his years of service to the community.

The award reads: “Honoring Rev. Leecroft Clarke, leader of the IDEA coalition for promoting cultural diversity, human rights, and giving voice to the voiceless to make Chautauqua County a place where everyone has equal opportunities to flourish.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to Ambassador Hugues Sanon for recognizing and honoring myself and others in Chautauqua County for our community service; we appreciate him and his wife Emmanuella Sanon and are certainly looking forward to working with him to make our county a place where all residents are able to thrive, said Bishop Clarke upon receiving his awards”.

Additionally, on behalf of COJEP, Mr. Sanon also honored the following pastors with special recognitions: Bishop Uvie Stewart, Rev. Reggie Smith, Rev. Chloe Smith, Rev. Leroy Walker, Rev. Mary Ann Battle, Rev. Early Waller, Rev. Minnie DeBose and Minister Sandra Lewis.

Rev. Bishop Clarke has successfully mobilized over forty-four other Chautauqua County organizations and businesses to pursue inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in the community.

According to Bishop Clarke, at the level of IDEA Coalition, they identify problems and develop a process to find solutions to these concerns: six public meetings were held in North and South counties with Black and Latino communities to hear concerns and identify obstacles.

Mr. Sanon urges the leaders to commit to strengthening the county by welcoming diversity and fostering honest conversations and adding new faces and new ideas to the public opinion.

He also urged Bishop Clarke and other black pastors attended the VIP breakfast to continue to excel in Chautauqua County.

“The world has changed now, our fight must change also; our fight must be more educational and we must work hard to promote social cohesion in order to live side by side with people of different culture and different political views” said Mr. Sanon, saying that the black community has always been in first place and that, in all fields, recalled that, the greatest pop singer who became the King of Pop was Michael Jackson; the greatest jazz singer was the famous Aretha Franklin, the greatest footballer in the world was Pelé, the greatest boxer was Mohamed Ali; the greatest and richest golfer in the world was Tiger Wood, the greatest basketball player was Michael Jordan, the greatest runner and world record holder was Bolt, the greatest tennis player was Serena Williams, the greatest singer of hip hop was Tupac, the greatest reggae artist was Bob Marley, the greatest president in the world was Nelson Mandela, the most famous general was Colin Powell, the greatest surgeon in the world was Ben Carson, the greatest medical invention was Bertine Nawul, so success is not a question of color, but of determination, perseverance and the desire to surpass oneself”, said Mr. Sanon

Furthermore, on Sunday, September 9, 2023, Ambassador Sanon made a second courtesy visit to the city of Dunkirk, but this time to recognize Rev. Early Waller’s 60 years of community service to the city of Dunkirk and Fredonia.

Ambassador Sanon and his wife Emmanuella Sanon participated in the two-hour service of Friendly Baptist Church where the church choir sang four beautiful gospel songs and the title of Pastor Waller’s sermon was ; “Love is what love does”, based on Romans 14 verses 1-7

Speaking during the awards ceremony, Mr. Sanon praised Rev. Early Waller “as a great man of God, a man of great faith, a man of prayer and a civil rights activist who opposed the violation of human rights and gave a voice to the voiceless.”

“Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of visiting this beautiful city of Dunkirk to greet and meet Mayor Willie Rosas to whom we awarded the Global Distinguished Leadership Award for his community work which has had an extraordinary impact on the people of Dunkirk; I am here again today in Dunkirk to recognize the tremendous achievements of our Pastor Early Waller in the community, said Mr. Sanon.

“He was highly recommended by the black clergy to receive this prestigious award from Cojep and, it is important to us to recognize public officials and community leaders who have worked tirelessly to strengthen our community by promoting cultural diversity and defending human rights, advocating for job opportunities, education and immigration reform. Rev. Waller has been doing all of this for many years in Chautauqua County,” said Ambassador Sanon.

Note that, recently, Mr. Sanon, at a VIP dinner hosted at his residence, honored Hillcrest Church’s senior pastor, Rev. Mark Hinman, who is passionate about preaching the Word of God “in a way that practically answers the question “So what?”of everyday life.

Ambassador Sanon also presented a medal of appreciation to the leadership team of Hillcrest Church who have deep roots in both the church family and the local community: Rev. Ben Soffel, the Rev. Dan Soderberg, Rev. Steve Kilburn, Rev. Jon Meyer, Laurie Lassinger, Keith. Erickson, Wendy Roof, Nancy Olejniczak, Kathy Osgood, Lyle Roof, Lyle Roof, Kathy Collver and Stan Collver.

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Ambassador Hugues Sanon honored Rev Waller and Clarke

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