Introducing Cycle Habits For Women

The Cycle Habits system for Women

Because Daily Habits Are NOT Designed For Women

The ability to adopt and repeat healthy lifestyle habits is absolutely vital for creating a life of wellness. It just doesn’t need to happen under the pressure of a daily crunch.”

— Elle Serafina

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2023 / — Intuitive Wellness Coach Elle Serafina has just launched the Cycle Habits system for women to track their habits over a 4-phase monthly schedule aligned with their menstrual cycle or the moon cycle, answering the call of women who were suffering from burn-out by struggling, and failing, to keep up with the hustle of daily habit tracking that does not align with their innate hormone cycle.

With 2024 just around the corner, women are preparing to identify and track their goals for the new year. Traditional advice on goal achievement and habit keeping, including the hugely popular book Atomic Habits, asserts the importance of keeping up with a daily habit. This is misaligned with the way a woman’s hormones and innate energy cycles operate, according to Intuitive Wellness Coach Elle Serafina. “I hear from women all the time who feel like a failure and ultimately abandon healthy habits because they are burnt-out from trying to keep up with them daily.”

Women who are prone to being perfectionists can be especially affected by having to skip a day or two of their habits. Natural dips in women’s hormones at certain points in their cycle can create lower than usual energy and the need for rest and replenishment. When women try to “push through” to get their daily habits checked off at these times they are at risk of taxing their adrenals and this can have a negative affect on their health and wellness in the long-term.

The new Cycle Habits system includes a Cycle Habits Tracker created especially for women that allows for the natural ebb and flow of their hormone cycle over the course of a month. The Cycle Habits tracking journey moves through 4 unique phases called Attune, Awaken, Thrive and Surrender that have distinct, innate energies that align with a woman’s typical monthly hormone cycle, or the moon cycle.

Women often ask “When is the best time to begin a new habit, or start a new years resolution?” The best time to begin new habits, according to Elle, is during the Awaken phase, which is aligned with a women’s follicular phase. Following menstruation, a woman’s hormones begin to elevate, offering her more action-oriented energy that she can leverage to gain momentum with her new lifestyle habits. For women who prefer to follow the moon cycle, the Awaken phase will align with the waxing moon which influences energies of growth in the universe. “During a waxing moon, plants are shown to increase sap flow and leaf growth. Its a time of activation and growth, mirroring the energy of Spring” states Elle.

The Cycle Habits system is delivered as a 20-page instantly downloadable eBook that defines the 4 phases of the energetic cycle, tips on habit stacking – achieving multiple goals with less effort and more momentum, guidance on shaping habits, and The Cycle Habits Tracker that can be printed or used digitally on PDF annotation apps such as GoodNotes.

“The ability to adopt and repeat healthy lifestyle habits is absolutely vital for creating a life of wellness. It just doesn’t need to happen under the pressure of a daily crunch. Adding healthy habits in rotation within our monthly schedules is a more realistic approach where we can still benefit from the compounding effects of habit repetition. As women, we need to protect our energy and utilize the natural energy cycles available to us to support our goals and manifestations. This is true feminine empowerment.” Having studied Lifestyle Medicine approaches at Harvard Medical School’s executive education program on nutrition, Elle is passionate about the value of healthy lifestyle habits in reversing today’s leading causes of chronic disease. “Tracking habits related to improving sleep, reducing stress levels, keeping hydrated, eating more produce, connecting with purpose, and nurturing social connections is a practice that can serve you for years to come, as we’ve seen from the Blue Zone studies.” Elle believes.

Elle Serafina, INHC, is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Moonologer, and Law of Attraction Practitioner who supports women in aligning with natural energy cycles to achieve their goals with ease and flow.

The Cycle Habits system has a special launch price of $16, available at

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Daily Habits Are Not Designed For Women

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