InvestMed, Individualized Health Screening And Preventive Medicine Clinic Is Now Open in Kelowna, BC
InvestMed, Individualized Health Screening And Preventive Medicine Clinic Is Now Open in Kelowna, BC

individualized preventative screening for cancer in Kelowna BC

Dr. Branden Reid & Dr. Marvin Bailey

InvestMed Kelowna offers personalized data-driven health analysis to support your long-term fitness – at any age

If you are serious about your health, InvestMed offers you the opportunity to be fully proactive in managing your health risks for the long term.”

— Dr. Marvin Bailey

KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, August 1, 2023/ — The technological possibility for early detection and mitigation of many serious and life-threatening problems is very real. Preventive screening can identify individual health risks and potentially life-ending disease before it starts, and this can be a literal life saver.

InvestMed preventative medicine services include the latest testing and technology for adult men and women, as well as a hands-on physical examination with the highly qualified doctors. InvestMed Kelowna offers testing packages that include the latest technologies and screening available in the world today. The tests and services on offer are not readily available in the public health care system, and the specific combination of testing and care is unique to InvestMed.

Operating as a private clinic, InvestMed Kelowna proposes a testing battery focused on your best outcomes and offer care independent of what is supported by public programs.

Some of the specialized preventive screening tests available are:


MRIs can be used to investigate and diagnose conditions, monitor changes and effects of treatment, and detect any early signs of disease.

Genetic Testing

Blood genetic testing reveals which gene variants you have, and how they impact your response to medications.

Gut Bacteria

InvestMed’s gut bacteria testing is an individualized testing of a patient’s gut bacteria to determine what foods and supplements can maximize their health and well being.

Heart Disease

A coronary calcium scan is a relatively new and accurate test used to determine the blockages of arteries in the heart. This knowledge can significantly reduce the risk of having a heart attack.

Body Composition with DEXA Scans

Accurate measurement of body composition provides valuable information for assessing, monitoring the human body.

The InvestMed doctors are experienced general practitioners with expertise in men’s health, general practice, orthopedics, and trauma care – as well as a special interest in long-term health promotion.

Contact InvestMed Kelowna today to request an appointment.

Dr. Marvin Bailey & Dr. Branden Reid
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