Ithaca PBA Supports Department’s Recruitment Efforts, Encourages Interested Applicants to Apply for Police Officer Exam.

Ithaca Police Officers with K9 Rex.

IPBA Members Participating in Local Community Fundraising Event.

IPBA Members Participating in Local Community Fundraising Event.

IPBA & Community Members pose with an IPD vehicle wrapped in pink to raise awareness around breast cancer.

IPBA & Community Members pose with an IPD vehicle wrapped in pink to raise awareness around breast cancer.

PBA President says, “If you’re looking to serve your community, and for an exciting adventure, with great benefits and a strong union, IPD is the place.”

“This can be a tough job, sometimes dangerous, with long hours required at times, but it’s rewarding work and different everyday.”

— Tom Condzella, PBA President

ITHACA, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2023/ — The Ithaca Police Department is hiring, and the Ithaca Police Benevolent Association, the labor union representing Ithaca’s law enforcement professionals, wants everyone to know. Anyone interested can begin the application process at The deadline to apply is August 7th, 2023 at 4:30 PM. There is no residency requirement to take the exam.

The President of the Ithaca Police Benevolent Association, Thomas Condzella, said, “We’re looking for the next generation of officers to serve our great community. We want the best and brightest to apply.” Condzella described the Ithaca Police Department as a “small department with big opportunities” and said he even encourages those who are unsure about a career with the Ithaca Police, or in law enforcement in general, to still apply for the exam and consider the opportunity. “Everyone from every background has something to bring to the table,” he said.

“IPD offers many opportunities that other agencies of similar size don’t. Ithaca Police Officers aren’t just driving patrol cars and responding to calls for service, they have options and access to different types work within the profession,” said Condzella. “In addition to a leadership track through the ranks of Police Officer, Sergeant and Lieutenant, all represented by the PBA, Ithaca PBA members can apply to become an Investigator in the Criminal Investigations Unit or the Special Investigations Unit. They can also apply for several ancillary and specialty assignments such as the K9 unit, crime scene unit, tactical team, crisis negotiations team, traffic crash reconstruction team, recruitment team, bike patrol, honor guard, etc.,” said Condzella. Many of the opportunities available at IPD are highlighted in the new 2023 Ithaca Police Department Recruitment Video, a piece which also emphasizes IPD’s commitment to community policing and engagement.

According to Condzella, even despite recent staffing challenges, the IPD has also maintained status as a pinnacle in the law enforcement training community, both statewide and nationally. Condzella said, “Ithaca PBA members not only receive some of the best law enforcement training available, they’re also then given the opportunity to become experts in a topic if they desire, to train their colleagues and other police officers in the region, this isn’t common in other agencies of our size. The training we get here not only ensures the best outcomes on the street, it helps keep both the police officers and our community members safe.” Some instructor level opportunities at the Ithaca Police Department include reality based training, defensive tactics, emergency driving, EMT, firearms, implicit bias & procedural justice, and crisis negotiations to name a few.

“This can be a tough job, sometimes dangerous, with long hours required at times, but it’s rewarding work and different everyday. Regardless of what you decide to do during your career at IPD, you can rest assured that you’re helping to better your community, everyday. That’s the best part of the job,” said Condzella.

Ithaca Police Officers reach a top annual salary of $89,884 after 3 years of service, with ample overtime opportunities. Experienced lateral transfer officers may be eligible to be hired at higher pay rates up to and including top pay. Excellent Excellus Blue Cross / Blue Shield health and dental benefits are also available. An Officer who retires with 20 years of completed service will also receive a pension through the New York State Police and Fire Retirement System. There are many other benefits including a free membership to a local gym.

Condzella commended the City Administration for continuing to work with the PBA towards a successor labor agreement, improved working conditions, and better wellness initiatives for employees. “Providing the gym memberships is a sign that City Hall cares about their police officers, they want us to be healthy, and to go home safely to our families at the end of our shifts. The new wellness incentive has also been helpful in motivating officers to stay on top of their health and manage their stress. As we continue to negotiate with the City, it’s clear they want to keep the important job we do competitive with other municipalities, and attractive to new hires and lateral transfer officers,” said Condzella. The current labor agreement between the PBA and the City expires at the end of 2023. Condzella said that he is optimistic that the City and the PBA will reach an agreement on a new contract before the end of the year.

“Like many police departments across the nation, IPD is short staffed, we have about 15 funded vacancies with several more retirements in the coming months. We need new officers to help shape the future of not just IPD, but also our union that prides itself on giving back to our community. Together, the Ithaca community and the officers have been through some very difficult times, but we all want the same thing, a safe and vibrant place that we’re proud to call home, we want a better tomorrow for our children. We need more good police officers to apply so we can continue working together to accomplish that goal. Start the application today, take the exam and join us, you won’t regret it,” said Condzella.

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2023 Ithaca Police Department Recruitment Video

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