LARSIC LLC Introduces Travel Backpack Hands Free Phone Holder

SHERIDAN, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2024 / — LARSIC LLC is proud to announce the launch of the Travel Backpack Hands Free Phone Holder, a backpack gear accessory designed for an enhanced hands-free experience during outdoor adventures. The product is ideal for travelers, hikers, and anyone looking to integrate their mobile device into their active lifestyle seamlessly.

At its core, the Backpack Phone Holder allows adventurers to walk, talk, and capture their experiences without the need to constantly handle their phones. With its tactical integration, users can transform their backpacks into a mobile command center – perfect for navigating trails, urban explorations, and capturing moments effortlessly. Additionally, the versatile accessory features a flexible and durable design, accommodating various phone types and providing secure grip and accessibility for users. The universal compatibility of the Backpack Phone Holder makes it a game-changer for those constantly in motion.

“Traveling should be about the experience, not the hassle of managing your gear,” says Leon, co-founder of LARSIC LLC and an Electrical Engineer with a passion for practical innovation. “Our hands-free phone holder is the result of tireless work and dedication to improving how we interact with technology on-the-go.”

The Backpack Phone Holder is part of LARSIC LLC’s commitment to creating products that enhance the travel experience. It is designed to be a traveler’s third hand, offering convenience, functionality, and the freedom to fully enjoy their adventures.

Currently, the product is available on Amazon at a limited-time price of $24.99 and the company is pleased to provided shipping to any location in the USA and Europe.

LARSIC LLC stands out by offering unique solutions not found elsewhere in the market, as evidenced by their past invention of the foldable stove covers.

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The inception of LARSIC LLC traces back to a simple yet defining moment involving a sleek induction cooktop and an inquisitive cat’s paw prints, named Larsic. This encounter sparked a quest for practical solutions, leading to the creation of a unique line of protective stove covers that captured the attention of friends, family, and beyond. Building on this foundation, LARSIC LLC expanded into the development of additional products, like the wireless Baby in Car reminder system, which filled market gaps with wireless technology solutions.

Leon, the founder and a specialist in wireless systems, propelled the company forward by identifying and addressing unmet needs. This ethos led to the development of the Travel Backpack Hands Free Phone Holder, conceived out of a personal need for unhindered access to navigation and communication tools while on the move. It is a product born from the philosophy of turning personal challenges into universal solutions, be it navigating a new city or ensuring the safety of the youngest travelers.

At LARSIC LLC, innovation starts with real-life needs. Each product, rigorously tested and refined by Leon, embodies the company’s mission to introduce innovative ideas that are absent from the current market. With a spirit of invention sparked by a cat’s paw prints, LARSIC LLC stands today as a beacon of creativity and practicality, aiming to make daily life more efficient and safer, one innovative product at a time.

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