Massachusetts Cannabis Company Wins Best Solventless Live Rosin Category for 2nd NECANN Cup in a Row

Macro view dab of Suncrafted Superboof Live Rosin premium concentrate.

Image of the second place winner and cup for solventless at NECANN.

Lemon Sweet x Cherry Pie OG Live Rosin from Suncrafted took 2nd place in the solventless concentrate category at NECANN 2024.

Vape cartridge with image of the NECANN 2024 award for 4th place in the category.

Suncrafted’s famous strain placed again as Massachusetts’ best vape cartridge, taking 4th place in the category.

Suncrafted, the sustainable cannabis company, swept the 2024 NECANN Cup category with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place wins, repeating last year’s 1st and 3rd place wins.

We’re constantly working internally and with trusted collaborators, like our genetics partner, on superior methods of obtaining these most premium essences of cannabis.”

— Tim Spatola, Solventless Director

MIDDLEBOROUGH, MA, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2024 / — Suncrafted, a Holistic Health Group Inc. brand, captured the three top awards in the solventless category for its concentrate products at the 2024 NECANN Cup, the East Coast’s premier competition & convention. These wins secure the company’s reputation for the best live rosin, and its market position in the live rosin category as a whole, after previously placing first and third in last year’s competition, after just 3 months into operations.

Suncrafted also received two more awards in another category at this year’s Cup for best cannabis gummy & best edible overall, and a fourth-place score in the cartridge category featuring the same rosin concentrate of its “super boof” cultivar. The Company’s sustainable approach to cannabis production, making use of sunlight, solventless concentrates and local natural ingredients has won it several accolades in its first year of business. Suncrafted’s continued focus on sustainability means that it will continue to stand out in the Massachusetts market as an energy and environment leader.

Not limited to its own products, Suncrafted concentrates can be found in products sold by many other brands sold in Massachusetts such as Squiers Elixirs, Wana gummies and more. “While the [solventless] process is simple, the technique is critical” according to Tim Spatola, the company’s Solventless Director. “We’re constantly working internally and with trusted collaborators, like our genetics partner, on superior methods of obtaining these most premium essences of cannabis.” That work seems to be paying off for the company, as more and more brands look to Suncrafted to assist in their formulations, and consumers are steadily shifting to solventless-based products including the company’s award-winning “Sunny” gummy.

NECANN, now in its 10th year at the Hynes Convention Center in downtown Boston, has become the mecca for cannabis brands doing business on the east coast. Companies from around the region and nation gather to highlight new products and services, and many regarded cannabis industry commentators speak their minds in sessions and seminars, for the cannabis industry each year in late March.

Suncrafted is the sustainably-focused brand of Holistic Health Group, Inc. that highlights its outdoor, greenhouse, solventless & waste reduction practices. The Company since 2020 has been actively pursuing regulatory reform for more environmentally sustainable practices, including reduction of energy consumption and production and packaging waste reduction. Its products feature holistically derived formulations for natural medicinal and therapeutic value, and limit the use of isolates, solvents and artificial lighting that permeate the cannabis industry. Its genetics partner, Viking Vines, is active in locating the necessary genetics to continue these goals. The company’s headquarters are in Middleborough but its products are found throughout the State. Dispensaries looking to carry Suncrafted’s award-winning products are encouraged to email [email protected] or call 1-833-SUNCRAFT for more information.

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