NY Spine Care Interventional Pain Management: Services by Dr. Ji Han

Dr. Ji Han

NY Spine Care Interventional Pain Management: Services by Dr. Ji Han

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Under the seasoned expertise of physician Ji Han MD, NY Spine Care stands at the forefront of interventional pain management, providing reprieve and recovery to those who experience persistent pain. Backed by a legacy of compassionate care and medical proficiency, the clinic helps patients find relief from pain ranging from back pain to foot ailments – all through personalized treatment regimens.

NY Spine Care Interventional Pain Management’s commitment to personalized healthcare services has led them to success in relieving chronic pain. Their environment is one where advanced treatment modalities, such as joint injections and Epidural Steroid injections, come standard. These powerful anti-inflammatory interventions aim to not just alleviate discomfort but target the core of chronic conditions. Joint injections, a minimally invasive approach, concentrate on mitigating inflammation and easing pain across different joints, including knees and hips. The use of corticosteroids and other substances like hyaluronic acid ensures prompt and effective relief.

In parallel, Epidural Steroid Injection therapy emerges as a beacon of hope for individuals wrestling with lumbar radiculopathy and other enduring back and leg pain syndromes. Administered with precision under live x-ray imaging, these injections pledge to suppress inflammation around the nerves that work to cause irritation.

NY Spine Care’s mastery extends beyond standard pain alleviation; their services touch on diverse conditions such as Compression Fractures, Sciatica, Herniated Discs, and Arthritis of the Spine. The distress stemming from these issues can cause a strain on one’s daily dynamics, motivating Dr. Ji Han’s team to cultivate solutions that restore functionality and comfort.

Equally compelling is their treatment for De Quervain Syndrome and intricate elbow injuries. From t Tennis Elbow to the aftereffects of workplace mishaps or vehicular accidents, NY Spine Care’s methodology is both all-encompassing and tailored to each patients needs.

Dr. Ji Han’s NY Spine Care also offers Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA), which begins with two diagnostic medial branch blocks, creating a strategic process that is critical in ensuring that the considerable pain relief benefits of RFA reach those who stand to gain the most.

The core of RFA’s success is its precision; the process involves creating targeted heat lesions to meticulously disrupt nerve fibers that carry pain messages. This exacting procedure is conducted under the watchful guidance of live x-ray fluoroscopy for unrivaled precision and care.

RFA is particularly beneficial for conditions like spondylitis—a degenerative arthritis of the spine—, sacroiliitis, and other forms of nerve pain. It provides patients with marked relief and the possibility of enjoying an extended period of reduced pain, often lasting from six months up to a year. The advantages are clear: it helps patients avoid surgery, delivers immediate relief, promises minimal recovery time, improves daily functionality, and can reduce the dependence on pain medication.
About Dr. Ji Han
Leading NY Spine Care Interventional Pain Management iis Dr. Ji Han, whose diligence as an anesthesiologist and pain management visionary, spans over two decades of eminence and empathy in patient care. With a career dotted by leadership roles in prominent New York hospitals and esteemed residencies, including Weill Cornell Medical Center, Dr. Han’s stature is both pivotal and renowned.

Patients attest to Dr. Han’s adeptness and finesse in pain mitigation, frequently commending his hard-won expertise that guides them toward recovery. It’s this tapestry of skill and heartfelt patient rapport that cements NY Spine Care’s status as a vanguard of pain management.

NY Spine Care is more than a clinic; it’s a sanctuary where life’s quality is restored and chronic pain is met with cutting-edge countermeasures. Whether it’s through kyphoplasty, joint injections, or Epidural Steroid injections, every patient is guided toward a pain-tempered tomorrow. Flowing from Dr. Han’s compassionate craft, each success story is etched into the clinic’s robust legacy, a testament to their alliance of progress and patient-focused care.

To learn more about how NY Spine Care Interventional Pain Management can help you, visit https://www.nyspinecarepain.com.

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