Quantum U Kinetic Art: Revolutionizing the Intersection of Art, Technology, and Quantum Science

Animated example of my Patented Quantum U Kinetic Zen Art was inspired by the Original Utube Game

3 kids looping a ball in and out of a U-shaped tube, named Utube Game. Showing how focused the kids have to be to play the tube Game.

Shows the focused generated to play the Original Utube Game

An animated example of my Patent Pending Quantum U Technology on a Utube Game counting the continuous loops and measuring the players level of focus

An animated example of my Patent Pending Quantum U Technology on a Utube Game counting the continuous loops and measuring the players level of focus

“Quantum U Kinetic Art: Elevating Presence Through the Fusion of Art, Science, and the Quantum Realm.”

WEAVERVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an innovative fusion of art and science, the Quantum U Kinetic Art Technology emerges as a potential pioneering force, developed by Michael Hicks, a visionary entrepreneur with a remarkable journey. This patented technology, featuring an automated U-shaped runway that perpetually loops a sphere, is expected to be at the forefront of exploring the subtleties of the quantum field of existence. From gravity’s influence to the dynamics of high elliptical orbits, the Quantum U Kinetic Art pieces encapsulate the essence of celestial movements, mirroring the orbit of electrons around their nucleus and planets around their sun.

Designed to be both a captivating piece of kinetic art and a sophisticated tool for scientific measurement, the Quantum U Kinetic Art represents a groundbreaking approach to understanding the forces acting upon both the sphere and the U as it loops effortlessly. This dual-purpose creation stands as a testament to the seamless integration of artistic beauty and scientific inquiry.

Michael Hicks, the brain behind this extraordinary innovation, brings a unique perspective shaped by his own life’s challenges. As a disabled entrepreneur, Hicks has transcended his physical limitations to invent and develop technologies that not only entertain but also educate and enlighten. His journey from the inception of the Utube Game, inspired by a simple observation of a dryer hose atop a golf bag, to the creation of Quantum U Kinetic Art, reflects his resilience and ingenuity.

Today, Hicks seeks funding to bring the Quantum U Kinetic Art and other innovative products to market, aiming to share the wonders of quantum science through the lens of kinetic art. His story is one of triumph over adversity, embodying the spirit of innovation that drives the project forward.

The Quantum U Kinetic Art pieces are a call to scientists, artists, and technology enthusiasts alike to explore the mysteries of the universe through a new medium. Hicks’ vision extends beyond the present, with ambitions to utilize the Quantum U Kinetic Art as a foundational element in an upcoming Sci-Fi narrative “Quantum You”, further bridging the gap between science fiction and science fact.

Investors and supporters are invited to join Michael Hicks in this venture to expand the boundaries of what is possible, turning the Quantum U Kinetic Art from a visionary concept into a reality. This project is not just about creating art or advancing scientific understanding; it’s about inspiring people to look beyond their limitations and explore the infinite possibilities that lie at the intersection of creativity and technology.

We are excited to announce that the Utube Pro, designed specifically for professional athletes, sports psychologists, and professional training camps, is now available exclusively on Amazon for $29.95. This offering is tailored to those who seek to master the art of the zone as Presence at the highest levels of competition. Please note that The Original Utube, a beginner game version that welcomes everyone will make its debut on Amazon in July 2024. This staged approach ensures that all enthusiasts, from novice to professional, have the opportunity to engage with our groundbreaking technology at their own pace.

For those interested in supporting or learning more about the Quantum U Kinetic Art Technology and its journey from concept to reality, please contact Michael J Hicks 828-545-5161

Together, let’s embark on a journey that transcends the conventional, where art meets science, and imagination knows no bounds.

Michael Hicks
Quantum U Corporation
+1 828-545-5161
email us here

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