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WALDORF, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2024 / — In today’s rapidly changing and diverse workplaces, fostering an environment that centers on inclusion is more important than ever. As studies show time and time again, when employees feel connected, they are happier, more productive, and contribute to a positive and innovative work culture. Building an efficient workplace that is fair and equitable is the most essential component for any organization’s success. It is the leaders and Executives of every organization who have the responsibility to create an environment that supports the well-being and growth of their teams and make certain all employees are seen and heard. But with all the challenges going on in the world how can Executives be equipped to be inclusive and accountable?

Sacha Thompson is the CEO and founder of Equity Equation and the host of DEI after 5, a podcast discussing diversity, equity and inclusion. For over twenty years, Sacha has been providing top notch consulting and coaching services to Executives from mid-level managers all the way up to the C suite, expertly assisting them to develop the skills and knowledge needed to create supportive and inclusive workplace cultures.

Sacha says creating workplaces where everyone, regardless of identity, feels and more importantly have a sense of belonging so they feel like they are part of a team which in turn creates an optimal workplace culture.

Part of her work is also centered on encouraging her clients to identify their own biases and learn to overcome them. When leaders are able to recognize these biases, prejudices and misconceptions, it fosters personal growth.

To build a diverse workplace, Sacha emphasizes, it is crucial to recruit and hire talent from a variety of backgrounds while still making certain to hire only the most qualified people including those with the right education, credentials, and skill sets. As such, not losing sight of the fact that all organizations ensure they always hire the most qualified people.

Sacha’s passion for creating a more equitable world dates back to her early childhood. Born in Barbados and raised in Virgina, she grew up among interracial friends which fueled her inquisitive nature about racial and ethnic identities. As an adult, Sacha worked within the education, non-profit, and tech industries and although she excelled professionally, throughout her career to her dismay she noticed the underrepresentation of women and other marginalized communities in leadership positions were indeed bleak. And although we have made some progress,

Sacha coaches Executives to learn the strategies and tools necessary to create an inclusive workplace. The fact is, creating a company culture where everyone has a voice is the ethical thing for a leader to do.

Diverse companies are more likely to be high performing and have a much higher chance of success. Sustaining an organization that accepts people from different races, genders, religions, and nationalities where all employees can express themselves without fear of repercussions and is not only one where all employees feel engaged but one that promotes a socially just world.

With her approachable, inspiring, creative, and insightful approach, Sacha continues to create a ripple effect of inclusion that make her one of the most highly sought after by organizations of all sizes and caliber.

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