Sing Sing Rabbit and Kelly Chen’s “The Day When We Fall In Love” MV WINS Big with 12 Telly Awards

The Day When We Fall In Love MV poster

Pilot Rabbit in the outer space

Pilot Rabbit in the MV grabs EMMA’s wish in the outer space

spaceship, animation and visual effects

3D Animation and Visual Effects by Bad Clay Studio in the MV wins 2 Telly Gold Awards

Sing Sing Rabbit and Kelly Chen’s MV THE DAY WHEN WE FALL IN LOVE wins 12 Telly Awards, including 2 Gold, 6 Silver and 4 Bronze, celebrating a bumper harvest

I can’t believe our music video came this far. A big thank you to the Telly Awards judges!”

— A.T., the director and producer.

HONG KONG, CHINA, May 29, 2024 / — Sing Sing Rabbit and Kelly Chen’s “The Day When We Fall In Love” MV WINS Big with 12 Telly Awards

Sing Sing Rabbit and Kelly Chen’s sci-fi music video The Day When We Fall In Love, has just won an astounding 12 Telly Awards. This prestigious recognition celebrates their exceptional creativity and hard work. It’s a huge win for Hong Kong’s music scene and has put these talented artists in the spotlight on an international stage.


Sing Sing Rabbit and Kelly Chen have taken the music world by storm with their award-winning video, The Day When We Fall In Love. Known for her unique rabbit head mask and multi-creative flair, Sing Sing Rabbit teamed up with Asia’s diva, Kelly Chen, to create a visual masterpiece. This collaboration, directed and produced by A.T., is a feast for the ears and a stunning sci-fi fantasy that takes viewers on an intergalactic journey.

The music video tells the story of Captain K (Kelly Chen) and Pilot Rabbit (Sing Sing Rabbit) from the ancient Star Tribe. Viewers are transported to backdrops like a spaceship, desert, cyberpunk buildings, and a utopian planet.


The Day When We Fall In Love has garnered an impressive 12 Telly Awards which highlights its exceptional quality and vision. The music video won 2 Gold Telly Awards for Visual Effects and 3D Animation. Additionally, it secured 6 Silver Telly Awards in categories such as Music Video Directing, Videography & Cinematography, Use of Animation, Writing, and Title Design. The video also received 4 Bronze Telly Awards for Art Direction, Set Design, and Visual Effects.

Renowned for honoring excellence in video and television across all screens, the Telly Awards saw nearly 13,000 entries this year. This recognition highlights the video’s outstanding production values as it competed against industry heavyweights like Adobe, ESPN, and MTV Entertainment Studios.


The music video “The Day When We Fall In Love” draws inspiration from the stars. Sing Sing Rabbit envisioned a sci-fi fantasy that combined her creative flair with Kelly Chen’s star power.

Creating an ambitious project in Hong Kong posed many challenges. The local industry’s constraints, such as limited budgets, access to advanced technology, and a smaller market size, made finding the right equipment and expertise difficult. Despite these obstacles, the team was determined to realize their vision.

“We didn’t give up and found astonishing support from Votion Studios and Bad Clay Studio,” said Sing Sing Rabbit. These collaborations provided the advanced XR technology and VFX needed to bring their intergalactic scenes to life.

Imaginative solutions were key to overcoming these production limitations. The set design featured imaginative props, like a wish converter made from a toy washing machine. Scenes were also filled with vintage toys like the Fisher Price cassette tape player and Big Foot board game. These ingenious touches added a unique charm to the video. The characters’ styling also played a crucial role. Outfits from designer brands like Demobaza, known for its use in Hollywood films like “Dune,” added to the visual impact.”


Sing Sing Rabbit is a multi-creative artist renowned for her quirky performance style. Her career took off in 2011 with a medley of her favorite love songs, which trended and received extensive media coverage in Taiwan. Over the years, she has collaborated with major entertainment entities like Yoshimoto Kogyo in Japan, performed at the Okinawa International Film Festival, and had her music featured in popular mobile games like CYTUS 2, DEEMO, and VOEZ.

Kelly Chen, a musical sensation and often hailed as the Queen of EDM, has been a major figure in the music industry for decades. Her collaboration with Sing Sing Rabbit added a new dimension to the project to create something truly special.

UNDERTHEPILLOW LIMITED, co-founded by Sing Sing Rabbit and A.T., is known for challenging norms. The company has successfully launched many original projects, now including the first near-space music video produced in Hong Kong.


The recognition of The Day When We Fall In Love has boosted Sing Sing Rabbit and Kelly Chen’s profiles and demonstrated the potential of Hong Kong’s music video industry on a global scale. The music video has also been selected for screening at the prestigious Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose. This international acclaim shines a light on the capability of Hong Kong’s creatives to produce world-class content despite local industry constraints. This success paves the way for future projects that promise to be just as revolutionary.

Looking ahead, Sing Sing Rabbit and her team are excited about several upcoming projects. They are planning new collaborations and releases that will continue to break new ground. “We hope our work inspires others and creates a butterfly effect of creativity,” says Sing Sing Rabbit.

Don’t miss out on this captivating music video—watch it now and follow these incredible artists on social media for more updates and exciting content.


Sing Sing Rabbit, is celebrated for her eccentric performances and inventive music videos. Kelly Chen, often hailed as the Queen of EDM, captivates audiences with her commanding presence and influence in the electronic dance music scene. Together with UNDERTHEPILLOW LIMITED, they produce visionary content that redefines artistic boundaries and engages viewers across the globe.

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