The Forgotten Victor Herbert: Rediscovering Instrumental Genius

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, December 21, 2023 / — The Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE! is delighted to announce a pivotal aspect of its 10th season: “The Forgotten Victor Herbert: No Singing Allowed.” While Victor Herbert’s acclaim predominantly stems from his extraordinary contributions to plays, musicals, and operas, the event is distinctively focused on unveiling his instrumental compositions, a facet of his genius that has remained largely unnoticed until now.

This season represents a remarkable departure from the usual, offering audiences a rare and enriching opportunity to explore Herbert’s lesser-known yet equally remarkable instrumental works. The project’s dedication to these hidden gems involved extensive research and collaboration with music historians and archivists, culminating in the meticulous restoration and preparation of these compositions for orchestra. This initiative is timed impeccably, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Herbert’s death, making it a fitting tribute to his enduring legacy.

In celebrating its 10th anniversary, The Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE! is proud to reintroduce these instrumental works into to a 21st century audience. The aim is not just to entertain but to broaden the audience’s understanding of Herbert’s extensive influence in music, showcasing a side of his artistry that has hitherto been overshadowed by his more famous theatrical works.

Looking ahead to 2024, The Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE! remains committed to its mission of honoring Herbert’s multifaceted musical talent. The organization warmly invites audiences to join us on Sunday, May 26, 2024, 7pm in the historic Église St-Jean-Baptiste on the corner of Lexington and E 76th Street in Manhattan, commemorating his legacy in a season that promises to shed light on his less celebrated but equally impressive instrumental prowess.

Ticketing Details:

Tickets are priced between $30 to $100.

Special family rates are offered, encouraging the involvement of the younger generation in experiencing Herbert’s rich musical heritage.

Tickets are available starting January 1st at

This season transcends a mere revival; it is a profound celebration of musical innovation and history, unveiling the lesser-known compositions of Victor Herbert and deepening the understanding of his substantial impact on American music.

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