Within a week the newly opened Penrith Beach in Sydney draws over 10,000 locals & tourists

New Penrith Beach NSW; image credits western sydney lakes

Unveiling the Enchantment: Western Sydney Lakes converted into a family-friendly beach where sun, sand and surf unite

For too long, Penrith Lakes has been sitting idle behind locked gates when it should have been opened to the community, with summer just days away this is an enormous win for our community.”

— Mayor Todd Carney

PENRITH, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, January 6, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The town of Penrith, located in the Western suburbs of Sydney, Australia, has long been known for its picturesque landscapes and outdoor activities. Visitors to the iconic Three Sisters rock formation, often accessed through Blue Mountains Day tours, likely passed through Penrith on their journey. There is a new gem has been uncovered in this charming town – the Penrith Beach. This hidden gem was opened to the public on 19th December 2023, offering a unique and exciting experience for locals and tourists alike.

Penrith Beach, nestled along the picturesque Nepean River, emerges as a captivating man-made oasis offering pristine waters and fine sands, inviting visitors to indulge in a tranquil haven for leisure. This family-friendly destination boasts full amenities for comfort and convenience: showers, changing rooms, and picnic areas offer an unmatched experience for all travellers. The beach, rivalling the famous Bondi in size, is a sun-drenched haven where golden sands meet pristine waters, offering a cool respite from the sun’s embrace. Nestled within a reclaimed quarry site, this picturesque shoreline stretches alongside the tranquil Nepean River and forms an integral part of the Western Sydney Lakes district.

The opening of Penrith Beach has been met with great excitement and anticipation from the local community. Mayor Todd Carney expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “For too long, Penrith Lakes has been sitting idle behind locked gates when it should have been opened to the community, with summer just days away this is an enormous win for our community. This first step towards permanent access and to realise the lakes’ full potential is just the beginning for this hidden gem in Penrith”.

In addition to providing a new recreational spot, Penrith Beach also offers a range of water activities, such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and even a floating obstacle course. These activities will surely add an extra element of fun and adventure to any visit to the beach.

Penrith Beach emerges as a popular destination for the Blue Mountains and Sydney Visitors soon after its opening on 19th December 2023 drawing over 10,000 locals and tourists. This beach offers Instagramable vistas, pristine waters, and an array of thrilling activities to redefine travel experiences. Locals and tourists pack their sunscreen and beach towels and head to Penrith Beach for a day of relaxation and fun in these hot summer months in Sydney, Australia. The last two-week trend shows that many tourists book a tailored Blue Mountains private tour to experience these stunning landscapes and coastal charm.

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