TrackFive’s TravelNurseSource Revolutionizes Healthcare Recruiting With the Launch of QuickConnect
TravelNurseSource is set to enhance candidate matching and reduce client costs, delivering superior outcomes compared to competitors in the healthcare recruitment sector.

TravelNurseSource is redefining the way highly qualified, sought-after candidates find travel nurse positions. Through its innovative platform, it connects professionals with leading travel nursing agencies, streamlining the job search process and increasing placement rates.

Introducing QuickConnect

QuickConnect is now live on TravelNurseSource. This innovative, pay-per-applicant model is designed to enhance the recruitment strategies of our clients with a focus on performance and efficiency.

"The QuickConnect platform is more than a single product. It’s a downpayment on our commitment to provide our agency partners with the next level of recruitment tools aimed at making placements quicker and easier than ever before,” said CEO Oliver Feakins.

"We’re doubling down on better matching, better candidate experience, and overall better placements for our candidates and client partners. Over the next three years, we hope to incorporate and leverage more machine learning and AI and really take the platform to the next level."

Previously, TravelNurseSource job postings were heavily driven by the nurse user, allowing them to search and apply based on their preferences. QuickConnect aims to improve this by refining the job-candidate matching process and helping agencies and nurses connect to fill that perfect assignment. This experience significantly improves placement rates and time to submission, all while reducing client costs.

How QuickConnect Works

TravelNurseSource clients can subscribe to QuickConnect and begin prioritizing job postings for enhanced visibility and candidate exposure.

The program leverages an advanced programmatic marketing engine to match candidates demonstrating high intent with these promoted assignments.

Leveraging user data and signal analysis, QuickConnect ensures jobs are promoted to match candidates' specific desires and needs more closely. This tailored approach not only increases application rates but also optimizes digital omnichannel campaigns for a reduced cost-per-hire.

Industry Innovation

QuickConnect has exhibited a remarkable 35% increase in platform activity. By prioritizing candidate intent and engagement, the initiative accelerates placements.

The platform consistently improves the job search experience across the board, with QuickConnect clients experiencing a notable surge in high-quality candidates for their listings. Outshining its competitors, QuickConnect delivers superior outcomes and introduces a more transparent pricing structure for its clients.

"The QuickConnect product suite marks our company's most advanced and exciting achievement in the last 15 years," said CEO Oliver Feakins. "We're thrilled for what the future holds."

To get started with QuickConnect, visit

About TravelNurseSource

Owned by TrackFive, TravelNurseSource is a leading travel nursing recruitment platform, offering agencies unparalleled service in finding the right candidates for open assignments. Their industry knowledge gives agencies a competitive edge in meeting their placement goals. For more information, visit

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