VIEWING CHINA FROM AFAR: Moxibustion in America

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Compared to cupping and Gua Sha, moxibustion seems to be a newly emerging online trend overseas, shrouded in mystery and its profound wisdom unknown to the general public. Join People's Daily Online West USA on a captivating voyage, capturing the essence of "Moxibustion in America." 

In the heart of the wilderness, a tender blade of grass thrives, destined to be transformed into a gentle and fragrant moxa that, once kindled, radiates warmth to embrace the human body, soothing muscles, invigorating the soul and bestowing the gift of health. Such is the essence of moxibustion, an ancient Chinese therapy whose allure now captivates the overseas masses. 

Within the Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics across America, moxibustion, like other time-honored TCM treatments, has accepted receptive audiences, and patients embraced its myriad benefits. Through insight into American Tradition Chinese Medicine practitioners from varying contexts, we delve into the multifaceted applications of moxibustion, trying to discover the secrets of this ancient TCM therapy that is increasingly popular in America. 

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